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Faction War

Discussion in 'OP Factions Discussion' started by Nyaan, Jun 3, 2018.

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  1. Nyaan


    So I've been thinking there's factions that are enemies for entire seasons and are always trying to fight one another in PvP but the pay off in PvP just isn't that great you reach a point where PvP isn't benefitting your faction in the long term goal to be number one on F Top. So we should make it possible for faction leaders to do a command /f war (faction name) (price) and then invite their most valuable and geared players to a map with team pvp say 5v5 or 6v6 and fight! The leaders must agree on a bet for the war they both enter in half of the price and the winning faction takes all the money distributed among all members who took part in the war overall boosting the factions money. Players enter with the gear inside of their inventory currently and lose no gear on death just money. Depending on how much money the pay-off is there are different special rewards for the winning faction's MVP based on how much the pay-off is.
    ROFLMFAOXDD is the MVP! (Obviously)
    10,000,000 is awarded to heroes haven!
    Since the pay-off is 10,000,000 the MVP rewards are a Mjolnir and an IG

    Anyways tell me what you think
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  2. Bryan5866


    Don't ever say Heroshaven and Awarded in the same sentence EVER again.
  3. loopey

    loopey Staff Member Mod BART ELI

    Very interesting idea, forwarded to upper staff.
  4. Nyaan


    go die urself
  5. jpruezkiez


    HerosHaven ahahsakska xD
  6. SirDerpingtons


    Interesting idea indeed, but how about instead of having it between 2 factions, it would be a weekly event where you'd have like 5-10 factions apply for it 1 day prior and then they'd have access to a special /warp where they bring raiding materials, gear,building blocks,bedrock.chests....etc, the factions can choose to either build a base a camp inside it waiting for others to raid them or they can be the aggressive ones. There should also be like a 2 hours time limit or so. Last faction member standing wins the entire thing for his faction. That'll take weeks even months to prepare but idk it could turn out to be worth it?
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  7. StirlingFlurr

    StirlingFlurr Insight Team

    Sounds like a great idea! Why don't you make a feature suggestion forum!
  8. Henaliest


    He probably wanted to incourage more informal discussion :p

    Nyan, wanted this ages. I feel the prizes shouldn’t be fixed though And should be relative to the economy as applicable by an ELI member who would run the event. Classy!
  9. StirlingFlurr

    StirlingFlurr Insight Team

  10. Nyaan


    Good inclusion they should adjust the prizes based on economy ^^
  11. sebastian

    sebastian Insight Team

    i like the idea
  12. ConnorPlays_

    New Member

    Don't come at us like that..
  13. Bryan5866


    lol your faction sucks ass no 1 plays but yall
  14. ConnorPlays_

    New Member

    Why we ftop? We demolishing everyone by 3bil+ We at 6bil right now, closest fac to us is Supreme at 3bil and haven2 and 3 each have 3bil or 2 bil so we own ftop

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