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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Nyaan, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Nyaan


    Forum Game!

    Expose the person above you :D

    (Go easy on me pls my ego is fragile)
  2. Myzzelf


    You're a weeb
  3. Anti

    Anti Staff Member Jr. Mod

    Myz is late for everything.

    Change your name to latelelf noob
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  4. Nyaan


    Type of kid to put a blender intro in all of his videos
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  5. Grace_Leece


    U laugh even when u r getting burnt like a chicken nugget
  6. You are an e-girl exposed

    Expose me ign: umpanman
  7. PlasmaMcNuggets


    Ok I’ll just copy and paste my exposing threads lol
    *Anti and ProAnti_ the anti's cancel each other out Pro_
    *Pro_ has 3 letters
    *there are 21 letters in Anti's signature
    *21 divided by 3 is 7
    *Anti has given 56 total ratings
    *56 multiplied by 7 is 392
    *Anti was born on 9/18/2000 9+18+2000 is 2027
    *2027 divided by 392 is 5.17
    *And may I ask you when Anti Joined the forums? Thats right 5/5/17... 5/17
    *5/17 is 0.29
    *there are 14 straight lines on Anti's profile picture
    *0.29 multiplied by 14 is 4.06
    *Anti is following 4 people
    *4.06 minus 4 is 0.06
    *Anti has sent 185 messages
    *185 multiplied by 0.06 is 11.1
    *Anti has 8 neutral ratings
    *11.1 minus 8 is 3.1
    *3.1... 3 and 1... 3 sides 1... 3 sides 1 eye... one triangle ONE EYE PUT THEM TOGETHER AND YOU GET THE ILLUMINATI

    these numbers will spell out what myzzelf is

    Myzzelf has 3 links in his 'useful links' section of his signature
    C is the 3rd letter

    Myzzelf has revived and sent a total of 15 optimistic ratings
    O is the 15th letter

    Myzzelf has given 14 creative ratings and has recived one
    14 minus 1 is 13
    M is the 13th letter

    Myzzelf is 7 letters
    Myzellf has 23 followers
    23 minus 7 is 16
    P is the 16th letter

    myzzelf has 196 positive ratings
    Myzzelf is following 7 staff members. 196 divided by 7 is 28, Myzzelf joined on the 7th month of the year.
    28 minus 7 is 21
    U is the 21st letter

    Myzzelf has given a total of 523 ratings. Myzzelf has 270 trophy points. 523 minus 270 is 253
    Myzzelf is following 26 people
    253 divided by 26 is 9.7 (round up to 10). Myzzelf has 2 forum tags. 2 times 10 is 20.
    T is the 20th letter

    Myzzelf has sent 155 messages,
    There are 31 characters in Myzzelf's profile picture,
    155 divided by 31 is 5
    E is the 5th letter

    Myzzelf has gotten 22 funny and given 4 informative ratings
    22 minus 4 is 18
    R is the 18th letter

    Myzzelf has gotten 1 neutral rating
    A is the 1st letter

    Myzzelf has recived 9 informative ratings
    I is the 9th letter

    What does this all spell out?
    Computer AI
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  8. Grace_Leece


    The hospital took your brain out when you were born
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  9. Anti

    Anti Staff Member Jr. Mod

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  10. StirlingFlurr

    StirlingFlurr Insight Team

    Anti is worst staff and should be demoted.
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  11. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    iirc that’s impossible
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  12. DonaldTrump__

    New Member

    NotOkay doesn't know what the hell a joke is.
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  13. Grace_Leece


    Notokay it isn't possible cause it happened to him
  14. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    has to be top quality in order for myself to understand.
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  15. Nyaan


    Likes anime tiddies

    Don't you fucking mention my profile picture I will kill you (ingame)
    See now you can't ban me for threats ;)
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  16. voicechat

    New Member

    your profile picture is some gay weeaboo thing so you just outed yourself as gay
  17. Rost


    Kid's name is voicechat, never seen him in a voice chat
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  18. SlackHQ

    SlackHQ Staff Member Community Manager ELI

    Applied for staff and never played once accepted
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