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Economy is fucked

Discussion in 'OP Factions Discussion' started by Bryan5866, Apr 17, 2018.

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  1. Bryan5866


    The title said it all.....
    Supreme make over 700m a day
    Vietnam make over 500m a day
    And all other facs cant even make 5m a day....

    Ye umm economy fucked.
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  2. Poly_Sama


    The problem really is that Supreme has a shitload of IGS and Vietnam does too.
    They both are able to keep their accounts online and use a bot to /sell all every so often.
    Other factions don't have that free time and computer time.

    I'm in none of those factions and I have over 250m in my bal, I'm baltop.
  3. Henaliest


    I make 438m in 12 hours and 38 minutes.

    New players need a good way to make money - buff money?
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    Say thanks next time poly
  4. Nickxz14900


    I think the economy is more than "fucked", I think it hit "the point of no return" [​IMG]
  5. jpruezkiez


    But raturize is doing a 'great work'
  6. Henaliest


    Someone glitches into my base, going to have to get a rollback..
  7. JimmyCarter


    Seems like its just like FuriosPvp- CharzitoMarzito
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  8. K1LAZ


    Yeah, only one faction is actually trying towards winning ftop, rip. I liked to give my $ out to people who didn't have money :p.
  9. Bryan5866


    No point only 1 faction play then there lordmatix3
  10. sebastian


    lol not. when you buff money its going to give you even more profit so thats makes the gap between the rich and the poor even bigger
  11. TC_GoldRush


    What happened to "me time has come"? go do your me time!
  12. Poly_Sama


    Well there is also another big issue.

    People need to stop complaining about how "top factions make over 750m a day." First of all, where is all this money coming from?
    Of course, they have multibillion dollar iron golem farms, right? But they all started somewhere, with 0 dollars to their name and with a prot 15 armor set and starter tools.

    First of all, here is one reason they have all this dollar dollar cash cash: AFK Farming.

    I know personally that @Henaliest Has a multitude of accounts, some given by me, and to my knowledge either a very powerful computer or a completely different computer that he has about 4 different minecraft clients on almost 24/7 afking farming for him, that he sells at about 500 million dollars during the time span of about 1 United States school day. (7 hours)

    Now this does stack up over time, but he did start out just as everyone else- a fresh player with 0 dollars.
    I don't play opfactions 24/7 but if I wanted, I do have a second computer to do the exact same thing.

    Second of all, These people have ranks. They are all very high donator ranks. I have already made a suggestion to the staff to even out the player and donator ranks already, and I do agree. There is a major difference between a diamond rank and a VIP rank. And this needs to be fixed.

    Third of all, they have help from each other. They all are closely trusted with each other and work together. Most factions on the server are just a bunch of randoms stacked together in a faction that don't communicate with each other and barely help one another out, It's pretty much the Articles of Confederation, loose alliances that happen to be next to each other. These factions you complain about making BANK a day are groups of people that work hard for what they have, and have their own discords where they plan what they do before they even get online.

    In my opinion, even if they had only diamond ranks and gold ranks, they wouldn't be making billions a day but they still would be #1 just based off of how connected and how much they can offer to the server and eachother.

    But this is just my blurb on this issue, take it how you want.

    Here's some tags because Henry said "good fucking post tag people"
    @Bryan5866 @Nickxz14900 @K1LAZ @jpruezkiez @TC_GoldRush @WhiteThornRose
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  13. nedthefed

    nedthefed Staff Member Upper Manager Staff Manager

    Miep is correct, if you "buff money" as Henaliest suggested, this would be the outcome. If you want an economy where the gap isn't so large, either I need to make it so all income is a smaller number (say reduce by three-quarters), or i need to nerf the most popular methods of making money.

    Feel free to give suggestions.
  14. Vonhey


    Well, its not that the eco is fucked, its that there as I call them Power Factions most factions servers have 2-3 of them, I don't know if raiding has been touched since I have been away from the nemegaming server but Im here to put my input -Lucid
    (Not Here To Be toxic so don't ban would be amazing xo)
  15. PlasmaMcNuggets


    how about you just make it where every week all of the people in f top get half there bal taken away

  16. Henaliest


    Tbf, its fine the way it is. If other factions afk'd spawners 24/7 and put in the time we did, we'd all have to same ftop. You could try nerfing money, but it wouldn't really do anything and you'd have to rebalance the whole economy. What i want to see is a new way to make money, but you could earn it and not afk it, such as adding the survival mob arena w/ rewards.
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  17. Vonhey


    ugh that is not helpful taking money from people who earned it legit would just make a lot of players mad so they would not do that but I would love for them to maybe make next reset Factions and try that out with out the op aspect and is raiding fixed?
  18. Henaliest


    Ok. Let’s rip this retard a new one.
    First, you have less than and hour on factions of playtime. Get the fuck off our forum.

    Second, people have the money because they earnt it. They’re rich because they’ve earned the money.

    Third, people could just /withdraw to get around this idea developed by a cretin.

    Fourth, how do you feel if half your money was taken away every day on skyblock, you fucking random? Fair, right!!!1!-!1!

    Fifth, I’ve told you before to not comment stupid things. Also told you to only speak about servers when you knew about them. You have LESS THAN AN HOUR of playtime.

    Sixth, please think about things in Terms of YOUR resident server rather than just being fucking stupid and unthinking.

    Please fuck off and rot in a dunce hat.
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  19. Poly_Sama


    I'm not sure if you're joking around or if you're being completely serious.
    Either you have 0 idea of the server existing, or you have 0 idea that your idea could be bypassed by a chimpanzee with a quarter of a brain.
    I should honestly report your remark for physical abuse on my braincells.
  20. WishMeAway


    tad bit toxic there bud ;)
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