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Important Drugwars Has Now Reset!

Discussion in 'Drugwars Discussion' started by NobleProductions, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Update: Drugwars has now been reset!

    If you have purchased a rank between February 12th and the release, you will receive your purchased rank shortly!

    Hey everyone,

    We're pleased to announce that a long-awaited Drugwars reset is among us! Drugwars has proven to be a great part to the server, and has definitely shown that even further since its last reset. It has been quite a while since the server was reset, and it has had its small shortcomings in that time, but with this reset, we hope to eradicate those shortcomings to bring you a much better experience overall. So without further ado, let's get into it!

    What will not be transferred:
    • Inventories
    • Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • All worlds and builds
    • mcMMO Levels
    • Money
    • Non-Paid Ranks
    What will be transferred:
    • Paid donor ranks
    Just like the recent Skyblock and OP Factions resets, you will NOT be required to reclaim your rank or perks, they will be automatically applied when you log in!

    So, what's changing?

    With this reset, we are completely overhauling the economy to be a lot more balanced and work with the drug aspect of the server. This will allow drugs to actually be one of the main staple-points of the server and not seem like a small addon.

    At the last reset, we realised that a lot of people tended to simply AFK farm for long periods of time, meaning less people were actually playing, whilst most would simply be away, meaning that less people would be inclined to want to play. To help relieve this, we wanted to shift the focus of growing drugs to push for people to want to raid others in order to excel. We hope this change helps spice things up on the server and attracts more players to want to play and interact with you all.

    OP Items
    Making their debut this reset, OP Items will be introduced to Drugwars for the first time that can be purchased from the store should you wish to obtain them. These items are vastly more powerful than your regular vanilla tools, so they'll definitely be worth picking up!

    Black Market
    As a lot of you have already seen on both the recently Skyblock and OP Factions resets is the introduction of the Black Market. These NPCs allow you to grind your way to earn some really powerful tools. This is also making its way into Drugwars, so we hope you enjoy working towards those!

    These are only a few things we have in store for you. We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are. The reset will be occurring on Saturday, February 18th between 7am - 8am EST.

    Thanks for reading!

    ~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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  2. NotOkay

    Forum Master


    Yes! Finally I can become a great drug master @DiamondCpt
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  3. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor

    I knew it was coming c:
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  4. ehf


  5. ymif


    drugwars is great b/c its not op but lets see how it is before I cry
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  6. randybobanders


    fuck yeah boys
  7. Nexxie


    Nice! Ya'll reseting so much lately it's amazing <3
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  8. DiamondCpt


  9. Montauker


    Is there any reason for not resetting now? I just started on the server and if it gonna take 2 days for it to reset I don't see a point of being on it. Also for anyone new that's joining or has already joined will be in the same state I'm in. I was all ready to make a base today and get started but then I heard that the server is gonna be resetting and now I'm kinda mad since I have to wait to start making a base now since is just gonna get wiped... Honestly, if everything is going to get wiped I don't see why you delay it unless you aren't done with the economy fixes. Even if you guys aren't done with the economy changes you should at least just wipe the server now so we can start making bases and farms. I don't care if I can't sell my stuff for 2 days I just wanna be able to start making my base as do a lot of other people.

    Even if the spawn isn't complete yet I don't think people would even care that much.

    Lastly, why add Op Items. I mean if I can buy them with the in-game currency I could care less but if its actual money then you guys can F*** off... I don't wanna have a one many army just destroy me and my friends because he wanted to waste 5 bucks to get some op item. Unless the Op item can be obtained without buying it then that's fine but something that can't be obtained unless you either A. Buy it or B. Someone sells it's for w/e reason or C. Somehow killing the person to get it. (This would be almost impossible depending how "op" it is.)
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  10. Jabs


  11. Nexxie


    Anything but donor ranks aren't being transferred over. Anything bought on the store, save for two weeks before the reset, you will not recieve. So if the sharp 1000,25,7 was bought on the store, you probably wont get it
  12. Jabs


    Thats not even close to what i asked...
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  13. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    @Jabs is asking what the "OP Items" that're being added's sharpness (etc) will be.
  14. BabySavage16


    Sounds like a new step for nene as a whole. I hope we can all enjoy this new introduction. Let's get cooking!
  15. DiamondCpt


    Yeah! Let's enjoy this step for nene :)
  16. NoHacksJustJuice


    Well there's a reason I should get back into drugwars now :p
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  17. DMW


    I love nene too great server :D
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  18. tailspinsmith


    Can't wait. :)
  19. Jabs


    I love NENE
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  20. Beezyy


    Well rip snoopdogg rank but it's good that drugwars is getting a reset. It really needed one.

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