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Drugwars has now reset!

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, May 18, 2018.

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  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Hey everyone,

    Just like with our recent reset of Creative, Drugwars hasn't seen much change over the last several months. That now changes. With this reset, we're changing it up ever so slightly to bring an emphasis back onto the drugs that define the server. More on that below.

    Upon reset, the following will not be transferred:
    - Inventories
    - Ender Chests
    - Player Vaults
    - All worlds and builds
    - McMMO levels
    - In-game currency
    - In-game ranks
    - Factions

    As usual, the following will be transferred:
    - Paid donor ranks
    - Paid donor commands

    So what are some of these changes being made? Well, let's get into it!

    Selling Drugs
    It wouldn't be much of a drug server without the ability to sell drugs at the black market. With this reset, we're bringing the black market and the drug store together. Unlike before though, you are no longer able to simply warp there. Instead, you must now make it past the omnipresent police that are guarding the entrance. Should you make it past them, you can expect to be greeted by extremely improved sell prices that you cannot find anywhere else. However, should you get caught... Expect to lose your fancy collection of drugs, or if you don't have any, receive a fine for breaching an active crime scene. Make sure you know what you're doing before you enter the sewers...

    Lockup Event
    The lockup is a location where all confiscated drugs are stored. Every week, there will be an event that consists of staff vs. players where you will storm the base and raid the items stored in there. Not only will there be confiscated loot stored there, but there will also be rare weapons amongst other items, so attending this event will most certainly be worth your time!

    Item Upgrading
    Just like with the most recent server resets, item upgrading is making its debut to Drugwars. Take your base items, earn upgrade shards and upgrade your items to their better counterparts!

    Just like the other servers, we've also made the following minor changes:
    • Tablist is now consistent with recently-reset servers
    • Scoreboard is now consistent with recently-reset servers
    • Added crop hoppers (any cacti that naturally drops in the same chunk will be picked up by the hopper)
    • Slightly increased view distance
    • World generation is now vanilla again
    • Added sell wands
    • Added coinflip
    • Drugs no longer insta-kill
    • Faction colours now show in chat
    Drugwars will be resetting Saturday, May 19th at 12:00PM EST!

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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  2. loopey


    Can’t wait!
  3. Anti


    don't do drugs
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  4. :thonk:
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  5. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Where's the downvote button
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  6. Bryan5866


    fEAtHeRb0aRd iS lIt
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  7. jpruezkiez


    wut ?
  8. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI

    It doesn't exist.
  9. Grace_Leece


    Drugs are bad for adults so do drugs when u r a kids
  10. sebastian


  11. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART

    Not a DW player but this seems like an interesting reset.
  12. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    Please no new rank for this server, it’s fine the way it is :/
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  13. Fluffypineapplez


    We would love to have you on the server, so when it resets, feel free to join!
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  14. Nickxz14900


    German- Mach keine Drogen
    Frence- Ne pas faire de la drogue
    Spanish- No hagas drogas
    Chinese (Traditional)- 不要吸毒
    Didnt use google translate

    But might play this reset
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  15. Fluffypineapplez


    You should come too! Drugwars is always happy to accept new players. We have a bad reputation for salt, but in reality we just like to mess with each other. Come join our family! (god I sound like I'm trying to sell something, sorry)
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  16. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    In FrAnce, we don't say don't do drugs but don't take drugs, which translates to Ne prends pas de la drogue. Also, we often say "Ne te drogues pas" which could be translated to "don't drug yourself or something" kthxbye
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  17. Nickxz14900


    I play op factions it couldn't get worse than that lol but thanks!

    do you have hate every post I make? yikes
  18. Akaira


    I hope kits is coming next
  19. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    Not at all, I was just joking, sorry if I sounded mean lol
  20. Nickxz14900


    lol its fine
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