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Don't forget 1.7

Discussion in 'OP Factions Discussion' started by Nyaan, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Nyaan


    With old OP Factions hopefully being worked on now or soon enough I ask the uppers not to forget a very important part of old combat. Let's run 1.7 for PvP. Of course older versions will be able to log in but the PvP mechanics will be 1.7 based. I don't know about other people but I contract aids from 1.8 speed PvP. I used to not think there was much a difference but now it's impossible to go back. It really is a quite simple thing to change but it makes such a difference.

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  2. DrPump

    DrPump Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI

    Hey there, you can make a feature suggestion here <---
    You can explain your ideas there and it will be forwarded to the correct people.
  3. Henaliest


    Pump, this isn’t the type of thing that’s fits a suggestion so that’s why it’s here.

    Factions wasn’t even compatible with 1.7.10 at the end and this was a plea to make pvp skill based and not just trades. I hope that if worst comes to worst, 1.7 support will be prioritised over 1.12 support, not one plays that on factions servers.
  4. Nyaan


    I agree and share these hopes, 1.12 is a cool update for servers like Survival and Skyblock without a doubt but for a gamemode like factions it's extremely detrimental. Even 1.8 is quite annoying. I know people who join a server, see it runs 1.8 and quit because they know it won't be competitive. When people play factions they want it to be competitive and show off their skill and prowess, whether it be raiding, basebuilding or fighting.

    Let's hope the superior version is used here or that whoevers working on OP Factions sees this thread
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  5. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Admin BART ELI

    Pardon me for reviving a relatively old thread, but I believe it's warranted.
    We've just created a channel on our Discord for discussion of Factions, specifically gathering community feedback as we start to create our plan for moving forward with the server. On the Discord, go to #role-assign and react to the "8" to gain access. The input of the community is greatly appreciated, as we want to create a server that people will enjoy.
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  6. Henaliest


    ty babes, is it checked regularly?

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