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Discussion in 'OP-Prison Discussion' started by Bung_Bung, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Bung_Bung

    Bung_Bung New Member

    I am Bung_Bung and I have lost permission from donor shops for some reason. I am Redstone donor and don't have access to either donor shop. Plz halp thx
  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    @Jman @Gaurav1234 Could this possibly be a bug? or does this user already have access to the donor shop (/sellall) feature??
  3. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

    I assume you mean donor sell? That is automatically added to your sell price with /sell. Can you elaborate?
  4. Freezinater

    Freezinater Staff Member Half-Mod

    I'm thinking they may mean the donor tiers that you'd see on /sell, which they now no longer has access to.
  5. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    When you sell something with /sell or /sell all (or maybe auto sell too) it automatically sells to the donor shop and gives you more money, that's how you'd notice.
  6. Freezinater

    Freezinater Staff Member Half-Mod

    Actually, you have to manually pick the tier to sell to with /sell. You get a menu asking you to pick which shop tier to sell to.

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