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Discord Update

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, May 8, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Release date: Friday, May 10th
    Server will be mostly usable, though there may be periods where you're unable to see channels you should be able to. Bots may also become unavailable while we do our work.
    We'll be bringing some much-needed change to the Discord which will bring it up to what you'd expect of a Discord server today. Along with the visual changes to the server, we'll be changing how we go about announcing new features and updates, and also including new features that you'll have seen on a variety of other servers.
    Since its inception, the Discord has received little in the way of big overhauls and has only been iterated on from there. This meant that the layout of some channels and categories weren't done the best way, which then meant that certain channels aren't where you'd expect them to be, more so especially in regards to the staff channels.

    Viewing information is especially annoying due to the current setup. With this new layout, most of the categories will be receiving their own information channel about all the channels within it, or in the case of the tickets, information on how to use the ticket system.

    As seen with our most recent announcements in the server, we're looking to reduce the amount of announcements we send with the "@everyone" tag, and will instead be introducing per-server notification roles similar to that of our events notification role. Rather than having a dedicated channel, we'll instead be tagging the role in any announcements relevant to it.


    We'll be introducing new bots that'll provide a variety of features, such as a levelling system, a bunch of new chat games and reaction-based roles. This is likely to start small, but we do expect to start using more aspects of these over time.

    What we'll be using each bot for:

    • Dyno
      • AutoMod
      • Music
      • User verification
    • Idle Miner
      • Minecraft-themed game
    • mee6
      • Levelling system
    • NemeBot
      • Tickets
    • StatBot
      • General server and user statistics
      • Reaction-based roles
    Thank you all for reading, and we’ll see you in the next update!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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  2. Shellshocker


    Holy shit thats going to be great
  3. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    A much needed change! Great work from the whole team, especially @Grimlkin!
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  4. loopey



    channels in the screenshot look bad, too much spam channels unneeded shit. Only 2 general voice channels, can't avoid annoying people by leaving and joining a different channel because there ARE ONLY TWO OPTIONS. #servers channel in community and then all the server channels under the category servers, not sure why there's two (please explain). Looks like those mass spam discords, changed #general chat to #offtopic, doesn't feel the same. Doesn't really feel like the same discord, changing too much might not please the community. Also, use of emojis look ugly. To conclude, this shit fucking ugly
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  5. xXL0rd_PvPXx


    --- Double Post Merged, May 8, 2019 ---
    ok so heres what i think about it if their is only 2 vc's i feel you should have one for just skyblock and one for every other one so then you will have one for specified servers and 2 general chats
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  6. YoloPhroYo


    why fix something that isn't broken
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  7. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    Innovation > Stagnation

    To address @loopey, @xXL0rd_PvPXx and others, we're open to changing anything about the setup that you like, just let us know and we'll work to accommodate everyone. I've added a few more voice channels, which seemed to be the biggest thing here.
  8. DrPump


    I think it would be cool to see a change. I think the community will really enjoy the self assigning per server roles!
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  9. loopey


    I like all the other features; just to be clear, I don’t like the layout though. Thanks for the update
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