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Did You Come from NC?

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by ibtofu, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. shawnpippin100

    shawnpippin100 Experienced

    Ned, I might have to keep it like this but it'd drive me crazy too.And kyle you already know I'm from NC.
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  2. Hunter//Hunter9921

    Hunter//Hunter9921 Staff Member Admin

    I been here for about 2 years now :p <3
  3. shawnpippin100

    shawnpippin100 Experienced

    I've been here for a month now :p
  4. AdvAnGam

    AdvAnGam New Member

    I'm laughing at all these comments.
  5. shawnpippin100

    shawnpippin100 Experienced

    I mean I think we all are.
  6. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    what point out the funny ones I want to laugh at 3am please thank you :)

    But guys... @Rasturize / Connor isnt from Neme, he's from Nemesis Gaming. Really wish he didn't lie to me like he did in dms by saying that I'm not decent at pvp when it's pretty obvious I'm a pvp G0D
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  7. Starvolley

    Starvolley Experienced

    Your name sums up my PvP skill.
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  8. babyplatypus19

    babyplatypus19 Experienced

    I am not from NC but I initially found Neme when my favourite server at the time merged with Neme and the whole community was extremely welcoming so I encourage you to reach out and get to know us we will do everything we can to make the transition period fun for you!
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  9. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    I didn't find Neme through other servers, I was just looking for servers to play on. I found Neme, and I was welcomed and accepted! I really love this server, so I hope you all do as well! <3
  10. JuncoSlice

    JuncoSlice New Member

    I found this server like 3 days before i found out NC was shutting down :D
  11. Fluf

    Fluf New Member

    I was a builder from NC and I joined a bit before we found out that NC was shutting down, I built the Christmas hubs and the new Skywars maps :)
  12. davidnutt10

    davidnutt10 New Member

    I am a player from NC and started playing there in late 2012. I was staff there for about half a year and I enjoyed every moment of being apart of the server.
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  13. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    I joined about 1 month ago and only play on skyblock.
  14. babyplatypus19

    babyplatypus19 Experienced

    yea same skyblock is the best.
  15. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    Opinions... opinions... prison is better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    Skyblock is good for is you don't like PvP. Prison is good for PvP (sometimes) and drugwars and factions have a nicer survival aspects.
  17. babyplatypus19

    babyplatypus19 Experienced

    Nah pvp on prison is so questionable because a few people have gear that is so much more op than everyone else
  18. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    I haven't really played Prison, but from what I get from it, it seems PvP is a bigger aspect of it. idkt *shrug*
  19. babyplatypus19

    babyplatypus19 Experienced

    Yea i guess your right its a bigger aspect but just has a few really op people ;p
  20. Kataclysmical

    Kataclysmical New Member

    I'm from NC.

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