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December 24th 2018

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by NobleProductions, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    December 24th 2018

    Network Changes

    - Updated formatting for a ton of commands to be more Neme-themed
    - Updated reset day for OP Factions in /servers
    - Added the command !vote
    - Made !events a toggle for event notifications instead of having !events and !eventsoff
    - You must have logged into the server you're purchasing a package for

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Bolded commands in holograms for consistency as well as fixed a typo in the welcome hologram
    OP Factions
    - Reset the server!
    - Set up warp enchant
    - Set up warp ce
    - Set up warp crates
    - Set up most holograms
    - Set up warp rules
    - Built physical warps for nether and end
    - Set up warp shop
    - Upgraded to a new printer mode
    - Upgraded to a new /wild system
    - Fixed a bunch of misc issues with factions base
    - Fixed a bunch of misc issues with cannoning and redstone
    - Major stability fixes with ftop calculations and tps
    - New spawner system with stacking
    - Updated knockback and pvp mechanics
    - Added /itemfilter
    - Fixes for crop/mob hoppers and void chests
    - Made tools from Faction crate much more useful and fixed some bugs with them
    - Added McMMO compatibility to Faction crate tools
    - Added NPCs to spawn
    - Completely revamped CE system
    - Added scrolls to CE system
    - Enabled blacksmith and tinkerer for CEs
    - Added bosses
    - Added chunk anchors
    - Added permissions for /boss for all players
    - Fixed silk touch not dropping spawners properly
    - Re-added unbreaking to the mob looter
    - Fixed a miscalculation error with spawner values on ftop
    - Fixed gapple cooldown being 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds
    - Moved some envoy spawn locations in warzone to be in better locations
    - Fixed an issue with MobCoins that caused spawners to not be given
    - Fixed players being able to epearl through the barrier block ceiling at /warp pvp
    - Fixed players being able to jump back into the safe zone at /warp pvp
    - Gave Diamond+ access to /bin
    - Bolded commands in holograms for consistency
    - Changed 1.12 blocks at /warp pots to 1.8 blocks
    - Fixed a dupe bug with /printer
    - Printer mode will now no longer be useable in Wilderness
    - Bug fix for void chests
    - Fixed a bug with the Smelt Wand sometimes skipping certain items
    - Fixed Neme crate giving medium chunkbusters when the player got the large chunkbuster reward
    - Fixed typo in staff announcement
    - Fixed Random OP Item in /mobcoins giving the Random Item reward
    - Made the /is coop and /is invite messages much more clear
    - Updated Advent reward to only require December 8th - December 24th to be claimed to receive December 2018 crate
    - Fixed December crate giving 1 exquisite dp instead of 3
    - Disabled advent announcement
    - Changed 1 month playtime achievement to give 1 creeper spawner
    - Fixed wood breaking achievements not giving an upgrade crystal
    - Fixed typo in /redeem GUI
    - Removed Polar's staff item
    - No longer take damage on uncooped islands
    - Changed autosell ‘blocks’ broken to ‘items’ broken

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019

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