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Can we get something done to prison

Discussion in 'Prison Discussion' started by ColoColoMan, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. ColoColoMan


    This is the first update in months now on prison and its an announcement change, yay great
  2. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    I am not sure what you mean "an announcement change"
  3. ColoColoMan


  4. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    Right well, that's just a normal change we do. There is no information we can give out this time, just keep an eye out on the forums and once we have something to tell you all we will.
  5. Grimlkin


    Also please suggest changes and report issues to staff

    The announcement thing just happened to be something I noticed while online, reported it and they changed it. While you can't just suggest "reset and fix the server" or whatever it definitely helps to suggest small changes : )
  6. ColoColoMan


    There has been a trend in making prison worse and worse from like 2017 to now, how? With every reset it was too P2W, non donors couldn't compete. PvP is garbage every time, because everyone has a million stacks of stacked armor. There is no point in even having a normal sword as the special swords from Black Market (BM) are just too overpowered. No point in using axes (see the point I made before this). I personally think just looking how it was back then and see if you can combine it with the things that are on prison now (Granted there are still files available from before that). I know the suggestion "reset and fix the server" isn't gonna help, but leaving it like this isn't gonna help either.
    And I don't mind that something gets fixed like a broadcast on the server itself, but its the only update I have seen for prison after I started looking how prison was since the beginning of 2020. At this point in time I see no point in playing prison as its not appealing to any new players. New players can't even compete with players that have the sapphire rank and haven't been on for a few months. The only thing you can do on prison nowadays is mine mine mine. If you set up a shop at your plot its useless because no one plays. You can't chat with others. You can't PvP and even if someone is online to PvP you only need a BM2 Sword and a stack of armor and if the other player doesn't have a BM2 sword you won the fight before it even started. I guess you can build on your plot. But whats the fun in building on a server when no one will ever see it, then you're better of building in single player as you can use creative.
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    I've been waiting so long for that, at this point in time I actually think its better to just remove prison then to try and keep it alive lmfao
  7. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    A server is going to change, you are talking about Prison from 3 years ago, things were changed to make it better. So you are saying you want all swords/axes to be the same or the starter sword to be the same as OP/BM/Donor swords? BlackMarket items are so easy to get I cannot see the issue.

    We have tried every reset for longer than I remember to communicate with you players/insight members to see what you want added and every time we add it you all want it gone or changed. Its not that we are not trying with Prison its the fact you guys need to explain to us what you want to see.
  8. ColoColoMan


    I want swords/kits/bm things to be balanced. Even if 2 players have a BM sword, you get 3 hits on someone and he/she dies even if you gappled. And no, not all swords should be the same but its actually so easy to get 3 hit even if you spend some time getting your gear and such. MCMMO doesn't even matter anymore. I've played on prison for so long and never ever has a staff member asked for my input on prison. Things are clearly not balanced in other aspects as well. I can mine for 24 hours straight and never earn the same amount as a sapphire donor can make in like 1 or 2 hours.
  9. cooldemigod


    Maybe you should make a post in the Prison section about what the community wants to see done/ideas for Prison in the future. I had made one about factions here. That way the community could have some serious discussions and bounce ideas off of eachother and then devs would be able to look at that and see what everyone wants. Similarly to what branny was talking about, so staff knows what the community wants. This way you could talk about some bigger ideas and without having to go through and make a feature suggestion for everything.

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