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Bug Report Megathread 13/4/2018

Discussion in 'OP Factions Discussion' started by Henaliest, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Henaliest


    • CPSDuel Does not register correct CPS. I have been given permission from @Rasturize to prove this -

    • /events is broken and outdated.
    • Store descriptions are still not updated.
    • Standing on Chunk Busters as they move down the chunk bans you for flying.
    • (Bedrock is breakable in end) Is it intentional?
    • Having IG Stacking disabled causes less drops in small farms, but in larger ones causes mob limit to be hit, server lag, and client-side lag. Mob stacking would fix this.
    • I don't know how this could be fixed, but TP glitching is still possible in enemy territory - after the /stuck command, you can just /back to give the same effect as was utilized last reset.
    • I get a glitch where i cant consume food, like the glich early on in Plots' lifespan. I think its lag from having no ig stacking? ^also doesn't work in pvp enabled zones.
    • Allies/Truces of your Allied/Truced factions messages dont appear in faction private chats - this results in hearing 1 side of the conversation often.
    • It takes 40 minutes to grind 300 tokens which im sure isnt intentional - Inquis is garbage.
    • Zombies aren’t spawning.
    • Endermen spawn stacked, but when die they only drop 1x enderman loot.
    • Ignored people still flag mentions.
    • Updating as I remember more.
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  2. Nickxz14900


    the server is on its forehead pleading for mercy from its playerbase

    you cant glitch int bases, its a rule Henaliest!!

    neme fashion

    better than 4 hours

    Sarah is working her job okay? She might be doing it very poorly but she is doing it.

    so just ally/truce with the faction that they are talking, simple fix.

    this is due to neme's high quality 7 GB of ram which most of it is being used up due to bases so that uses about 5 GB. So this leaves about 2 GB for other things like cannons, pvp, plugins, etc. which this is not making as much lag for NA players because obviously, this is due to you being an EU player.

    this might be a glitch in the custom mob stacking plugin, I think an upper manager might be able to fix this but they work too much so we will have to deal with -1 GB of ram because of IGS not stacking.
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  3. loopey


    Forwarded to higher staff.
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  4. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    big thread me likey

    good work.
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  5. Henaliest


    And the Two Huge known bugs - Swords don't deal damage, and cannons dont work.
    It also says only cobble monstering if raiding. Does raiding traps count?

    GL Staff :) /s
  6. Nickxz14900


    Axes are the bigger brother and hasn't had a turn for a while now so it will be swords that get thrown under the bus for this season

    cannons do work.... for 1.12

    Stop breaking all of the rules henaliest!!
  7. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Being fixed today. Done
    Will hopefully tackle this over this weekend, as I've got lots of time.
    Nope, I'm looking into ways of patching it. For now, I've removed any missing bedrock from Y1.
    Completely agree, I have done this as of last night.
    I've got a thought on how to fix this, hopefully I can get this done tonight - remind me on discord please. Done
    Most likely. The server is back at full strength now so let me know if this continues.
    Talking about the lag issues from last night? Completely fixed: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  8. Henaliest


    That’s good, thanks.
  9. Bryan5866


    Fake and Gay!
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  10. Haliti14


    Opfacs isnt 7gb???? ive been told by many many staff that it is near 5 or lower, hen is right in this whole post, so stop picking flaws which there really isnt any, so shush
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  11. Anti


    Please don’t start arguements ty
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  12. Nickxz14900


    FIRST OF ALL, who are you and me and henaliest are friends and I was bored so that is why I made the posts

    Op factions would be on its forehead 20 feet into the ground if the server had less then 5 gb plus I think Rasturize said that it had more than 5 gb but like I would know I dont play this server everyday. But that is beside the point some servers might need more ram than others.

  13. Haliti14


    how am i starting an argument?
  14. Henaliest


    @loopey can we please have warning points administered.
  15. loopey


    Hey just letting you know that initiating arguments on threads that are aimed towards suggesting things and reporting bugs can lead to some warning points.
  16. Poly_Sama


    Don't forget comamnds!

    /ranks doesn't work.
  17. Akaira


    I have another bug
    Pancakez hasn't quickdropped in over 3 months of Minecraft PvP action!
    --- Double Post Merged, May 5, 2018 ---
    argue with me plz

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