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Black Friday Info & General Updates [Sales, Bundles, Events & more]

Discussion in 'News' started by Rasturize, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Hey everyone,

    If you weren’t already aware, Black Friday is coming up on the 23rd of November. At NemeGaming we want to take advantage of this global event and give you the best deals possible, while also introducing new things to our stores and servers. Along with our Black Friday sale (lasting from Friday to Monday), we will be running events over the weekend and introducing new features too!

    Skyblock Rewards
    In addition to our end-of-season Gift Card rewards, we will now be offering monthly rewards to the top three islands in /is top. Each month the top three islands will receive the following rewards:

    #1 - $50 Store Gift Card
    #2 - $25 Store Gift Card
    #3 - $10 Store Gift Card

    These Gift Cards will be given to the island leaders to split amongst their members. To claim your reward, open a Support Ticket in our Discord server.

    New Updates & Features
    With Skyblock Ultra releasing recently, we have been focused on it for updates and feature additions.

    These include:
    • Updates to the Fishing system with new rewards and higher level caps.
    • Added new mob types to the leaderboards page for Kills.
    • Updated the DropParty system to broadcast messages to both chat and the action bar.
    • Balanced the BM and OP fishing rods.
    • Fixed some misc issues with island challenges.
    • Adding new rewards to the MobCoins system.
    • Adding all peaceful mob types to MobCoin chances.
    • Adding McMMO experience gain to all mob types.
    Additionally, we continue to do regular updates and fixes to our other servers:

    • Updated death animations and client-sided animations to make things much smoother.
    • Fixed an issue with Firefly preventing autobans from happening.
    OP Factions:
    • Fixed some issues with factions chat and factions top.
    • Balancing McMMO gain from spawned mobs.
    • Adding the #bot-commands channel with access to new fun commands.
    • We also plan to completely update our Discord server soon, with help from our Insights team.

    Events & Activities

    Along with the features, sales, and releases, we’re also going to be actively hosting events around the entire network. Below you can see the full event schedule for the Black Friday weekend.
    • Drop Party
      • Friday @ 4PM EST.
    • Boat Racing
      • Friday @ 6PM EST.
      • Saturday @ 3PM EST.
    • Top Island Competition
      • Sunday @ 2PM EST.
    • Key-All
      • Saturday @ 2PM EST.
      • Sunday @ 1PM EST.
    • Scavenger Hunt
      • Saturday @ 1PM EST.
    • Key-All
      • Friday @ 5PM EST.
    • KoTH with triple rewards
      • Saturday @ 2:30PM EST.
    • Tournament
      • Friday @ 7PM EST.
    • Sumo
      • Friday @ 5:30PM EST.
    • Kill The King
      • Sunday @ 3PM EST.
    • Drop Party
      • Sunday @ 3PM EST.
    • Drop Party
      • Sunday @ 4:30PM EST.

    Each event will have its own rewards with chances to earn unique Black Friday rewards such as Tags, Monthly Crates, and more!

    Monthly Crates
    As seen on OP Factions, Monthly Crates are special crate types that are full of amazing rewards and changed every month. You can purchase these from the store with chances to earn plenty of unique and valuable items. When our Black Friday events start, we will be releasing the November Monthly crate to both OP Factions and Skyblock.

    OP Factions


    We will also be releasing our Bundles to Skyblock Ultra. These special store packages contain a massive amount of items, features, and cosmetics at a great value. On Black Friday, they will become active on our store. Each bundle also contains the exclusive Black Friday 2018 Tag, here’s a preview:


    Key Bundle
    This bundle contains a massive amount of all key types available.

    - 40x Ultra Keys ($39.96)
    - 40x Neme Keys ($29.96)
    - 1x OP Pickaxe 2 ($6.98)
    - Black Friday 2018 Tag

    This bundle is valued at $76.90, and will be available for $19.23!

    Pouch & Random OP Item Bundle
    This bundle contains a bunch of OP Items, an OP Pick 2, and money pouches.

    - 6x Random OP Items ($29.88)
    - 2x Large Money Pouch ($25.96)
    - 1x Massive Money Pouch ($14.98)
    - 1x OP Pickaxe 2 ($6.98)
    - Black Friday 2018 Tag

    This bundle is valued at $77.80, and will be available for $19.45!

    OP Bundle
    Want every OP Item at once? This bundle contains all OP items, along with tradeable random OP item tokens!

    - 3x Random OP Items ($14.94)
    - This item can be traded!
    - 1x Fly Mode Token ($19.98)
    - This item can be traded!
    - 1x OP Pickaxe ($2.98)
    - 1x OP Pickaxe 2 ($6.98)
    - 1x OP Axe ($6.98)
    - 1x OP Sword ($6.98)
    - 1x OP Armor ($6.98)
    - 1x OP Shovel ($4.98)
    - 1x OP Fishing Rod ($3.98)
    - 1x OP Hoe ($4.98)
    - 5x Neme Keys (Free!)
    - Black Friday 2018 Tag

    This bundle is valued at $79.76, and will be available for $19.94!

    Exotic Bundle
    The rarest and most exclusive bundle, this contains limited-time rewards like the WinterSale kit. In addition, you will also receive a November Monthly Crate.

    - 1x WinterSale Kit Token ($24.98)
    - This item can be traded!
    - 1x Fly Mode Token ($19.98)
    - This item can be traded!
    - 1x Large Money Pouch ($12.98)
    - 1x OP Pickaxe 2 ($6.98)
    - 1x November Monthly Crate ($29.98)
    - 1x Smiley Tag Pack (Exclusive!)
    - 5x Ultra Keys (Free!)
    - Black Friday 2018 Tag

    This bundle is valued at $89.90, and will be available for $22.48!

    Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy these updates, sales, and events as much as we will and take advantage of these limited time offers.
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  2. loopey


    first, good stuff
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  3. Pashobik


    That's super amazing! Can't wait to see in action :)
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  4. Zvcc


    Might have to upset my bank account with these packages :D
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  5. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    spending money this time lol
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  6. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Admin BART ELI

    Here's the weekend's events calendar, in calendar form (all times ET):

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  7. babyplatypus19


    What is the "Top island Competition" going to be based on? Player votes over an hour on the coolest island? If this is the case make sure you can't vote for your own island.
  8. cyn


    Wooooo we love good and fresh events and Black Friday deals !!! I’m not sure if I’ll buy anything bc a bitch is scared to spend her money BUT ! It all looks super amazing and I might have to coinflip some money to beg for an irl deal on Skyblock !

    Thank u to u , Rast , as well as everybody else that put effort into helping. Out with this !!! :)
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  9. Grace_Leece


    great I might have to get a treat! thanks for making me bankrupt
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  10. ImDerpiee


    This is awesome! I love the idea of bundles, however I think it's bad that cash rewards are being offered. It makes skyblock even more pay to win than it already is, and that's bad imo.:confused:
  11. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    It really just increases competition, and since it's only gift cards and not IRL value, we think it will be a nice addition. It can always be changed in the future :)
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  12. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    personally believe that lowering the price will allow for the end of season giftcard to be worth more... because if you’re island top for two months in a row, that’s the same thing as being #1 at the end of reset..
  13. YoloPhroYo


    Yall should totally do an unban wave when the big discord update happens :)
  14. babyplatypus19


    eh probably not.
  15. ImDerpiee


    Nah, people that are banned deserve it.

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