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Best gamemode?

Discussion in 'PvP Mini-Games Discussion' started by Shwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. I'm wondering what everyone's favorite mini-game gamemode is?
    My personal favorite is the one where you kill other players to win the game, it's difficult but very fun. I also love the one where you go to the other base to win.
    Let me know which one is your fav :)
  2. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

    I like CTF and Payload personally.
  3. Adjure

    Adjure Staff Member Mod

    Okay, Let's be serious now the best Gamemode in Mini-games has to be TDM (Team Death Match) like c'mon.
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  4. VanessaMooo

    VanessaMooo Staff Member Mod

    CTF or TDM
  5. Barking

    Barking New Member

    i'd say DTC And TDM :)
  6. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor New Member

    I gotta love me some good 'ol TDM!!
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  7. Barking

    Barking New Member

    Yeee Boiiii :p
  8. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    CTF, Definitely.
  9. Bottlebreaker

    Bottlebreaker New Member

    I do want to add this to that, CTM (Capture The Monument) is something I recommend adding to mini games as well as spleef or Block Hunt or Paintball or snowball fights
  10. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    I like CTF and TDM
  11. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    This is a great idea I love Spleef!
  12. top4Ogal

    top4Ogal Staff Member Half-Mod

    I enjoy Sabotage >:))
  13. DiamondCpt

    DiamondCpt New Member

    I love CTF
  14. mcsanto221

    mcsanto221 New Member

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