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AFK Mining Changes

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Gaurav1234, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Gaurav1234

    Gaurav1234 Staff Member Owner

    Hey guys,

    You all probably noticed how our Skyblock has sorta exploded recently, and we reach almost 200 players on weekends. While this is awesome, it's also caused some lag problems at peak times, a large part of which are caused by a ton of AFK mining. I'm very against setting a player cap or kicking AFK players, because it discourages you guys from playing and AFK mining (which is a big part of our Skyblock). So, the best option to mitigate lag right now is to slow down AFK mining more when the server is lagging.

    Ever since the new mining system we added 2 resets ago, AFK mining has always been half the speed of normal mining for this reason, but we're going to have to change this. We're going to make it fair, though -- during off-peak hours, when there's not many people online (like at night), AFK mining will be about the same speed as regular mining. Since most of the time we're in off-peak hours, this will even out. I've done the math myself, and if you were to keep an AFK mining account online for a whole day, you'd actually get slightly more minerals on the new system than you would have on the old system. The reason I'm making an announcement about it is to make everyone aware, in case you guys check your AFK mining account during the day at peak time and notice that the blocks take longer than normal to replace, you know what's going on.

    tl;dr We're changing how AFK mining works a bit to prevent lag during peak time, but overall you should be getting the same outputs as before (if not, more).

    That's all! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask below.
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  2. Henaliest


    Seems cool. No1 can argue with free shit and less lag :)
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  3. LucidMusic


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  4. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    Afk mining on saturday’s will be very slow... but it’s still a good addition to get the cranky people to shush for a while.
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  5. Goldonen


    I am wondering what is causing the double drops to spawn when using /autosell, Last reset this wasnt a problem at all but this one idk why but when i turn on my autosell there is still some drops...

    is it a problem with mcmmo double drops...
  6. JamesBoxers


    It is more than likely caused by mcmmo double drops, but from what I've gathered, the amount of what's dropped is extremely low compared to non-autosell mining. There's no cobble dropped all together when auto mining is enabled, and the ores drop at something like 10% of what typically gets dropped. It's not a huge advantage, even mining overnight with autosell I only generated enough diamonds to make 1 1/2 stacks of blocks, typical regular overnight mining gets me about 25 stacks of diamond blocks. I like it though, gives me a little something to use when I'm done mining.
  7. Gaurav1234

    Gaurav1234 Staff Member Owner

    We're working on this -- it's a weird issue caused by the update
  8. Gaurav1234

    Gaurav1234 Staff Member Owner

    Yeah, this is more of a temporary solution -- we're working on a long-term solution that I can't really talk about right now, but the addition of this system will mean that Skyblock can sustain 750+ players with no lag at all. It'll be really expensive, but definitely worth it
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  9. JamesBoxers


    Hope it doesn't end up like the instantly-replace-all-ores update that happened that one time. Talk about a fountain of resources. Good luck on it.
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  10. Goldonen


    Gaurav Spending money xD

    And for the double drops problem is it caused by the mcmmo levels...
  11. Pashobik

    Pashobik Staff Member Mod

    I don't know I should ask this here or not, but recently I and my island mate both are having less Gold Ore drops and more Redstone drops compared to what we used to get a few days ago. Is there a change of ore drops that are being tested out right now? I asked In-Game Half Mod (Sorry I forgot the name) and he said it might be pure luck?! I am still confused and decided to write it here. Anyone else is facing this?
    We use Santa's Pick and drops are mostly AFK.
  12. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Upper Manager

    No recent changes have been made to drop percentages.
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  13. ITzWWE


    eu or us time? because im on eu time :) so i want to know if itll be good for me...
  14. Anti


    All time is in EST/EDT

    Also please check the time of of the last post before replying
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