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A Statement on OP Factions

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Hi everyone,

    If you're an OP Factions player or someone that was looking to get into OP Factions, you were probably expecting to see the reset live by now. This post is not only to address that but also another issue that spans the last several OP Factions resets.

    With the current reset that was supposed to release, it simply didn't reach the baseline we expect from a reset in both quality and features. For this reason, the reset post has been deleted and we'll be cancelling the reset entirely. With that said, I move onto the next section of this post -- OP Factions as a whole.

    For more than the last year, we've attempted to create the kind of faction server that you'd expect in this current day from networks like ours. Yes, we've attempted new things here and there, but they've typically not panned out in the longer term, whether it be due to instability or inability to maintain it.

    Unfortunately, while this was something in concept we were close to achieving, it wasn't something we were able to execute. There are without a doubt a multitude of reasons for this, most notably the lack of developers to make the required plugins (there simply aren't any decent public plugins that'd come close to what we wanted or needed) and our general inexperience as a team with running faction servers ultimately led up to what we currently have, and it's not something we're happy about, hence this post.

    We tend to avoid talking about the negatives in our announcements because it rarely returns a positive outcome. For the most part, this off-the-cuff post should hopefully provide a little insight into why we've come to this decision.

    On that note, we've come to the unfortunate decision to close OP Factions for the time being until we have the resources to reliably make a faction server that actually lives up to what you'd come to expect from a network like ours and something we're actually happy with, much rather than keep churning out a half-baked product each reset. We've listened, and we understand it's not good enough, and we agree that it can and should be better. For that reason, we're not closing the server for good, only until we attain the ability to create a better server for you.

    F-Top rewards will still be given out for the previous season as normal, so please make a ticket on Discord if you were in the top 3.

    Thanks for reading,
    ~ NobleProductions
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  2. Techcombatninja


    Please reconsider this retarded decision.
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  3. Relaxinq


    The idea of getting everything 100% smooth is good. You should still open factions back up though, or give a beta map to play.
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  4. cooldemigod


    I don't think you understand how many problems there have been/are. Why would neme spend money on a mediocre gamemode. I'd rather wait then have to play a crappy season
  5. Techcombatninja


    Yea a beta map would be nice
  6. loopey


    It be like that sometimes
  7. Redstoneary


    Even though it may be sad to see it go, it may be for the better. The resources invested into it may be better off somewhere else for the time being until it can be restored.
  8. ImDerpiee


    Yeah, it's good that they're taking time to work on it instead of jumping right into a new season. Good luck dudes
  9. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    We'll be back <3
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  10. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    and... ranks? do we get codes so that the money we spent can be used elsewhere on the network or do we keep them until the next factions release?
  11. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    They will stay on OP Factions, as we plan to re-open it.
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  12. Grace_Leece


    Didn't see this coming. Probably cause i don't play much
  13. DrPump

    DrPump Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI

    I hope we have an amazing comeback! Will definitely be playing factions for awhile!
  14. ImDerpiee


    yeah me too id love to get into it
  15. Samsy


    It may seem sad for now, but with more time we can make OPFactions even more fun to play! So please be patient with us so we can give y'all the best playing experience we can <3
  16. Nyaan


    I'm a little late here but I'm really happy to see we're taking a step back here and reevaluating things. I can't wait to see what's in store, even if I am banned on every account I own :D
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  17. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    hi i don’t think this should’ve been revived
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  18. TooRack


    Hobestly I cant wait hope all my kits stay

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