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10 Year Anniversary

Discussion in 'News' started by branny00, Nov 26, 2021.

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    Hi everyone, today marks 10 years since NemeGaming first opened. This is a post to celebrate this special occasion.

    Over the past 10 years Neme has changed a lot, from the servers we have, to the staff team and even the Owners.

    Neme originally opened as a Factions server which grew to be quite popular. A few years later it changed into a network and has been ever since. Over the years we have had all sorts of servers from Factions, Plots, UHC, Minigames and more.

    Although a lot has changed over the time, there is still a lot of dedication from you all to play the server through the best and quiet times. We appreciate everyone who sticks around and is patient with us.

    Staff messages

    Here is a few messages from myself and @Oo_iiluminati_oO:

    I truly cannot say how much I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy being on the staff team here, the community and the staff team are all great and that's what keeps me going.

    The 5 years I have been here mean so much and I enjoy every moment, whether that's speaking with the staff and community or working on new events.

    Thank you everyone for sticking with us!

    Happy Anniversary Neme, I baked a cake for you.

    Made with love and care, my intentions were true.

    The smell of honey fills the air as bees wax candles burn,

    Then mingles with the roses. Hmmm I should have bought a fern.

    The guests arrive one by one, placing presents on the table.

    Villads, Ethan, branny, Alex, zReoh and Wom… along with Aunt Maybelle

    With party hats and loud blow horns, we’ll make some noise alright.

    Champaign’s on ice, so lift a glass, we toast to Neme tonight!

    We cut the cake, as well we should, only to discover,

    That mice moved in to eat the cake; they even brought their mother.

    I set a trap to catch the mice; I wonder if they’ll find it?

    Better yet, I’ll search the maze and hunt them with my trident.

    Come hunt with me, find all you can, I know you are able.

    Hunt them down, catch them all, then go show Aunt Maybelle


    Today we will be hosting a special maze event in a special build, complete the event for a reward! This will be hosted at 9pm GMT / 4pm ET on Survival.


    We cannot say thank you enough for all the support over the past 10 years and we hope there are many more years to come.

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ The NemeGaming Management Team
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