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1.9 & Upcoming Resets

Discussion in 'News' started by Grandmen123, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. Grandmen123


    EDIT: Until we update on March 12th, we have implemented support for 1.9 (you can log into the servers with 1.9, but the servers will still be on 1.8).

    Hey guys,

    A lot of you have been asking about our plans for 1.9, so I thought I'd outline them here. But before we do that, let’s back up a bit.

    You Minecraft veterans out there will remember the mass panic that the community was in when the adventure update (1.0) was released -- many people said it would "ruin the game" and "nobody would update or want to play the new update". That update, however, is what made Minecraft the huge game that it is today. This has happened on a smaller scale for pretty much every major update that Minecraft has released. As with every update, every server/network that wants to survive is going to have to update in order to survive and keep growing, it's just a matter of when they do so. Historically, the earlier that we’ve updated, the more successful we’ve been on that update.

    1.9 is no different. It's not going to "ruin" PvP, it's just going to change it. PvP will now be more skill based, how/when you hit your opponent and how effectively you can use two weapons, instead of just how fast you can click. What will OP-Factions/Drugwars raiding be like in 1.9? How much more interesting will KitPvP be with shields and more strategic attack patterns?

    We will be updating all servers on the network to 1.9 on Saturday, March 12. Because of changes to the notch apple functionality and world generation (and many more reasons that I will get into in the individual posts for each server), we will also be resetting the servers below; click their names to see a forum post about what will be reset on that server.

    We’ve already started (and will continue to) balance out all the kits on each server with the new update to make sure that everything is fair and interesting for everyone once we have updated.

    We’ve spent a long time debating over whether or not we would update, so this decision is not being made on a whim. Although some of you may disagree with my decision, please understand that I only want what’s best for the network, and I believe that updating to 1.9 is necessary if we want to continue being awesome.

    That’s it for now guys, thank you all for your continued support. <3

    ~ Gaurav
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