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Survival has launched & Welcome MCG

Discussion in 'News' started by dtm, May 6, 2017.

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  1. dtm


    Hey Everyone,

    We're proud to announce that our brand new Survival Server is now live! You can check it out at!
    You can check out the original post here.


    In addition to our brand new server launch, we're excited to introduce the MC Gladiators community to NemeGaming. MC Gladiators was a network owned by myself with the main gamemode being Survival, it peaked at a playercount of around 100. Due to the size of the server we were unable to provide many updates / resources, so @Gaurav1234 and myself decided to merge MC Gladiators into NemeGaming alongside the Survival launch.

    For MC Gladiators players, your ranks have all been transferred in the following way:
    Brawler --> Gold
    Bruiser --> Diamond
    Champion --> Emerald
    Gladiator --> Emerald
    Emperor --> Obsidian

    If you have any issues, and for all other donations that aren't ranks - you will need to create a Donation Support thread here. We'll aim to respond to all of these as fast as possible and return any missing purchases!

    Furthermore, all MC Gladiators staff have been transferred over to NemeGaming - so welcome to those!

    Survival has been something we've had in the works for a long while now, and we really hope you enjoy it. Do remember to check out the store (here) and take advantage of the 80% Sale!

    ~ NemeGaming Management Team
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  2. 50potatoes


    hello nemes! glad to be here. also exited to work wiyh your staff
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  3. popo008


    I really didn't think you would pull it off but 'survival' is looking sweet.
    I tip my hat to you sir.
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  4. BabyPanda


    Very nice, thanks xx
  5. WilyIsFun

    New Member

    i would like to ask if i could have my ig spawners back but the survival server is new and haviing 34 ig spawners is kinda op atm
  6. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Senior Moderator BART ELI


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  7. AusHayley

    New Member

    Hello everyone of Neme! I'm glad to be Half-Mod on this server after the recent changes. See you all soon in game :) ❤.
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  8. BritishBear

    BritishBear Insight Team

    I think a lot of people seem to be disregarding the entire sale that's going on right now. Usually obsidian is $74.98, but due to the 80% off sale, the rank currently is just $15
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  9. Void

    New Member

    Woot Woot for the Glads
  10. BritishBear

    BritishBear Insight Team

    Probably the closest you'll get then, with the next rank being $149.98 ($30 with sale)
  11. 50potatoes


    pro please stop complaining, you bought the rank for 12 dollars
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  12. smash_crash_2009

    New Member

    after bouncing around the various servers for 2 days or so I have determined that due to the language I will be parting ways with MC-G group, it was fun while it lasted but i really don't need my 7 (or 5)year old reading the stuff being said ( drug wars ok your being in char but as a parent really i can't see playing there until after they are asleep). my only question and probably wont receive a reply to it but here goes, who was requesting additional resources from the MC-G server you had a good thing going and tossed it.

    Anyway no hard feelings and I wish you well on your continued playing but as for myself and kids, we are out. Ben/Ryan/Lily
  13. CaptainT42

    New Member

    The survival server is looking lovely!! Great job Neme Gaming management!!

    I am so excited to be a part of this amazing community!!

    See you in game soon :D
  14. NinjaMiner49r

    New Member

    i must say i am getting use to the wild chat xD and also hi to memegami- i mean nemegaming
  15. Anti

    Anti Staff Member Helper

    $12 is the upgrade price
    But ok ill stop
  16. NotOkay

    Forum Master


    Congratulations to all of the new staff on being promoted on this network.

    especially to the two new admins.
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  17. DMW


    The new staff seem great, glad to be working with them same with the server looking forward to fun times ahead.
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  18. iCag

    New Member

    Seems nice.
  19. dtm



    Firstly, I'm sorry you felt this way in regards to allowing your child to play - I must admit there is a difference in the rules.

    Regarding additional resources, it boiled down to quite a few things:
    None of the team was able to develop plugins, something we needed to make any custom changes outside of the usual Minecraft spectrum. Developers, especially good quality ones, aren't cheap and are pretty much un-affordable for a server of MC Gladiators size.
    With only myself fully experienced with gamemode creation, we also saw great difficulty in adding new gamemodes - as I'm sure you saw with the unsteady Creative launch.

    As much as we were very proud of what we achieved, we had much bigger aspirations that we were unfortunately unable to achieve - we now feel much more confident that the MC Gladiators legacy can grow on at Neme.
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  20. popo008


    Rules are different, a lot of kids that curse but usually I just set my chat off.:cool:
    great perks by the way and love the flare crate thingy :D

    PS: can you create a survival threat where we can post survival things:rolleyes:
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