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Skyblock Red | Island Upgrades, Minions & More!

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, May 27, 2020.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Hello everyone,

    Skyblock Red launches on Saturday, May 30th @ 3 PM ET
    Server Version: 1.12.2 (1.8-1.15.2 support)

    You’re probably wondering why we’re making a brand new Skyblock server. Our goal with this server is to be a laid back version of the current server, with features that would be too different from the current competitive server. We’d still like to offer the current experience while also being able to provide this brand new experience, with features not seen on Neme before, which will be detailed below. With this in mind, we’ll again be rebranding the competitive Skyblock server back to Skyblock Ultra.

    While this is a brand new server with a lot of new features, it is in fact a hybrid between Skyblock Ultra’s features and the new additions. Features such as the fishing lake or the level system will be brought across, albeit with new balancing to match the new economy.

    NOTE: It should go without saying that we have no intention of shutting Skyblock Ultra down with the release of Red, and that this has no effect on its future. We still intend on updating and resetting Ultra, though not as often as when it was competitive.

    When you first make an island, you can access the central control panel by typing /is again, which will bring the following menu up:


    Introduced in the new Skyblock core are a flew of new and improved features, such as island upgrades, a proper island list, a detailed island top system, and more


    By typing /is upgrades, you can bring up the island upgrade menu. There are four types of island upgrades: size, generator tier, team limit, and hopper limit. You can upgrade your island by paying a set amount of in-game money, though that will cap out at a certain limit, with it being possible to upgrade your island further beyond that by purchasing a rank or a direct island upgrade through the store.

    If you happen to have a rank, do note that you do not need to be the owner of the island for the upgrade to apply. As long as you are a member of the island, your upgrades will apply provided that they reach the highest level out of all the members on that island.​


    All islands have an inherent island value, which is built up based on what blocks are placed down on said island. There are three categories of blocks that add value to your island: spawners, mineral blocks, and miscellaneous (hoppers, chunk collectors, and dragon eggs). You can view the top ten islands by typing /is top, which will bring up the GUI pictured above. If you click on any of the skulls, it will bring up a detailed breakdown of how that island’s level was calculated, and you can see your own island’s worth + breakdown by clicking the gold nuggets at the bottom of the GUI.

    Please note that, as mentioned earlier in a previous post, there will be no rewards/payouts for placing on the top ten islands​


    If you type /is list, a list of all online islands will be brought up. You may notice that, at the top of the GUI, there is a row of emeralds. Those are “sponsored slots” that can be purchased by players for a set amount of in-game money, and last for a period of one week. If all members of your island happen to be offline, then your island will not show on the island list unless you happen to have a sponsored slot, and you can set the description of your island with /is description <description> in order to advertise things on your island such as a player casino or other player-made minigames.

    These are just a couple of the many changes made to the core Skyblock system. For a full list, please look at the changelog section of the website.


    Minions are little workers that can automate a variety of tasks, such as mining blocks, slaying mobs, or chopping down trees. If you right-click them, you will bring up that specific minion’s internal GUI, where you can view its inventory, hunger status, and upgrade menu. Each minion has its own set of upgrades, such as:
    • Food Efficiency
    • Inventory Space
    • Action Speed
    • Fortune
    • Auto-Selling
    • Auto-Smelting
    • Name
    • and more!

    Despite minions being able to automate a lot of the core tasks for you, they still need to be maintained. Each action costs a certain amount of hunger points, and if a minion’s hunger deprecates enough, its efficiency drops significantly. In order to raise your minion’s hunger level, simply right-click it with any food item to add a set amount of hunger points (dependent on the food type) to that minion.

    You can obtain minions through chance drops (such as crates & envoys), the store, or through purchasing Sapphire, which gives you a guaranteed miner minion upon purchase & a random minion every month.

    Unlike Skyblock Ultra’s soul system, spawners are handled a bit differently on Skyblock Red. By default, you are only able to purchase select types of spawners, which can be viewed on the left-hand side of the skulls menu (accessible via /skulls or through the NPC at spawn). To reach iron golem spawners (which are the most profitable type on Skyblock Red), you must complete a progression chain, which starts at the mooshroom spawner.

    When mobs are killed, there is a chance that they will drop their skull, which can be exchanged for in-game money or spawner progression via /smelter (or by clicking the cauldron in the skulls menu). By hovering over each locked spawner, you can see the requirements for unlocking that mob type, with the first spawner (mooshrooms) requiring a set amount of zombie skulls to be unlocked.

    Once a progression-based spawner is unlocked, it can be purchased for a set amount of money & mob skulls. Do note that the price requirement of spawners increases exponentially with the number of times you purchase that spawner, with it eventually capping out at a certain point.

    Unlike Skyblock Ultra, sell wands on Skyblock Red are unlimited use, which means that they cannot break. (unless you happen to lose the item itself) They still function the same, with them automatically selling the contents of whatever inventory you right-click them on, but now they have support for a brand new feature on Skyblock Red and on Neme in general - chunk collectors.​


    Chunk collectors are utilities that automatically pick up all mob drops & crops in the set range of that chunk collector. By right-clicking them, you can bring up that chunk collector’s internal GUI (similar to minions), where you are able to view the inventory of that chunk collector & upgrade its range (from 1 chunk to 5 chunks to a final range of 9 chunks).

    Chunk collectors hold an unlimited amount of items, but as the inventory size increases, the total worth of those items decreases. This is in order to stop people from setting up massive farms and afking them indefinitely to gain money, as now they have to find a proper balance in order to maximize their profits.

    You can obtain chunk collectors through chance drops, leveling in-game, or through purchasing them on the store (either individually or through a bundle option).

    There are three types of boosters available on Skyblock Red: money boosters, mcmmo boosters, and experience boosters. They function as you expect (increasing your intake of that certain type of currency), and can be obtained through chance drops or the store.​

    Rank Redeem
    Introduced in the Prison reset, the new rank redeem system allows you to redeem each rank’s one-time rewards, as well as redeem your recurring Sapphire rewards. Unlike before where you could only redeem money, this new system allows you to redeem everything, ranging from MCMMO Credits, all the way to crate keys.​

    Sapphire Rewards
    Sapphire Crate Key: receive one crate key once every 24 hours, in which you’ll receive one crate for each day you have the rank (by default you may buy 30 days, but other options will be available down the line). These crates are unique to the rank and cannot be acquired any other way.
    Sapphire Drop Party: receive one drop party every 15 days, in which you’ll receive a total of 2 drop parties for each purchase by default. As with keys, these drop parties cannot be acquired any other way.
    Sapphire Minion Crate Key: for each purchase of the default 30 days, you’ll also receive one minion. Should you purchase the rank again, you’ll be able to redeem the next one 30 days after you redeem the last. As with all Sapphire rewards, you can only acquire this crate from Sapphire.
    One-Time Reward: as part of the one-time rewards that every rank receives, Sapphire is the only rank which will be guaranteed a minion which can only be redeemed once every reset, regardless of how many times you purchase the rank.​

    Overall, we’re very excited to see what happens with the future of Neme. We’ll have a lot more to talk about in the coming weeks for future resets and much more!

    Hope to see you all on the server this Saturday!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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  2. NotAverage

    NotAverage Staff Member Sr. Mod ELI

    :O OMG This was very unexpected and is really exciting :D @kylerocket11 I'll be seeing you there :)
  3. Grimlkin


    very exciting

    although...looks very similar to another server lmfao

    coincidence that the last season on that ends not long after y'all put this on neme or?
    Last edited: May 27, 2020
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  4. LoriOnMonday


    super exciting but i agree with gwen, looks super similar xd cant wait to play!! :D
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  5. kylerocket11

    kylerocket11 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    This is amazing! I cant wait!
  6. AyItzCurdled


    so much for being pvp-based
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  7. Henaliest


    they cant, theyre going full out EULA compliant. that means that if its competitive (pvp means this by their definition) they cant do certain things.
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  8. BritishBear


    So lets talk donor ranks? Because from what I can see this very crucial bit of information has been left out, deliberately or not i don't know and quite frankly don't care, but i'm sure the rest of this community would say otherwise. I'm assuming because this is a new "gamemode" if you would, that everyone's existing skyblock ranks are skyblock ultra exclusive? Effectively meaning that from launch there would be no donors and you'd have to buy a rank, again, to have any perks?

    I'm hoping this isn't the case and that ranks are carried over to both skyblock servers, because i'm not too sure people are going to be very fond of having to buy another rank to enjoy it's perks, on effectively the same server, with the exception of some new features. I know for sure i'd stick to ultra even if I did prefer red over it.

    Regardless of whether the ranks carry over or you have to buy a new one, I feel like the community should be told the answer to this query.
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  9. Grimlkin


    Also, can you say something about why you've made it so that bedrock on the new server cannot be purchased with a gift card at all?
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  10. LexieLeigh


    That’d be one heck of an oof if you’d have to buy another rank :eek:
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  11. Raj

    Raj Staff Member Owner

    To keep things frank - yes, donator ranks between Skyblock Red and Skyblock Ultra are being kept separate, and it is fully intentional. Whether that affects your decision to play or not is completely up to you, but it was a decision made by leadership when the topic was initially brought up.

    Both Bedrock and Sapphire are going to be cash-only packages going forward. This was yet another decision made by leadership, and, again, whether that affects your decision or not to purchase the rank is up to you, but that's something that we personally wanted changed when it came to Neme's ranking structure.
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  12. cooldemigod


    I mean the donors being kept separate makes complete sense, they are two totally different skyblock servers with different core gameplay aspects etc. That would have been like me saying I want my rank to be on opfactions and drugwars because drugwars uses the factions plugin.
  13. Henaliest


    they have a server to pay for and they cant sell directly p2w items/perks anymore. this is the best alternative
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  14. BritishBear


    @cooldemigod @Henaliest
    I understand the reasoning behind them being seperate, my first assumption in my previous post was exactly that. But since nothing was said in the post itself, I figured I'd ask anyway to get a concrete answer.
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  15. StarWarsIsGreat


    Talking about ranks, is there a chance we get to transfer our ranks from Skyblock Ultra to Red? I don't know about others but I'd prefer to have my rank on Skyblock Red.
  16. Zvcc


    I don’t think they allow rank transfers of any kind. I guess you can make a purchase support and see what the outcome is.
  17. bqki


    It's a new server, new things, I think that it's very fair that we all start off with no ranks meaning that it is mostly fair gameplay unless people want to buy ranks. But overall I'm very excited for tomorrow when this is released! can't wait
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  18. Xary


    Any idea how long a season will be? Or is this also for very short seasons ?
  19. ImDerpiee


    probably going to be longer seasons seeing as how it's less competetive.
  20. Xary


    Well I hope so.

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