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Ingame Rules
Rule 1 • Hacking | Using a third party client to gain unfair advantages in the game. i.e. Aimbot, Forcefield, X-Ray, Automine, e.t.c.
Rule 2a • Spamming | Spamming messages, repeating the same message over and over again, or ALL CAPS RAGE!!! This includes (But is not limited to) global chat, party chat, private messages and faction chats.
Rule 2b • Staff Disrespect | Disrespecting staff to a large extent -- i.e. harassing them. This rule is applied with careful consideration.
Rule 2c • Toxicity | General toxicity. This includes, but is not limited to: racism, sexism, or homophobia.
Rule 3a • Advertising | Advertising other servers that are not a part of NemeGaming (Includes server names).
Rule 3b • Ban Evading | Evading a ban by using an alternate account to log into the network.
Rule 3c • Threats | Actually threatening any other player's physical safety (Outside of the game -- "I'll kill you" doesn't count), or threatening to harm the server.
Rule 3d • Duplication | The duplication of items or money that is not intentionally part of our servers.
Rule 3e • Other | Getting banned for this rule means that the staff team collectively decided to remove you from the server for general rule breaking.
Rule 4 • PvP Glitching | Exploiting a server glitch in order to gain an advantage in PvP.

Forum Rules
No Spamming | No Spamming of ANY kind, including: Caps Spamming, Thread Spamming, Application Spamming.
No Advertising | No advertising other servers - No IP Advertising, no web links/photos/videos about other servers. Note: Severe advertising will result in a permanent ban.
No Early Bumping | No bumping your thread before a week since previous post.
No Post farming | No post farming of any kind.
No asking for thread reviewal | Asking a staff member to view your report/application or post. (This may also lead to application rejection)
No Harassment | Any harassment towards staff or players will not be tolerated.
No Toxicity | Note: This rule has 3 levels of severity and includes: Racism, Homophhobia, Sexism or excessive swearing.
No Threats | No Direct threats to: A member's physical or psychological well being, a staff member's well being or the server itself.
No Inappropriate Content | Inappropriate Content, includes (But not limited to) Pornography, Indecent images, violence. In the form of Videos, Photos, Posts, Threads, PM's and Profile Messages.
No Impersonation | Impersonation of any member of the server is not permitted.
No Ban Evasion | Evading a forum punishment by using an alternate account is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban.

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