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Custom Enchantments

Custom Enchantments are a very cool addition that is present in our OPFactions server, these are Non-Vanilla enchants that can give you special effects (ex: Speed, Haste, Explosive Mining, etc...)

How do they work?

Well our Custom Enchant system is actually quite simple, you can head over to /CE Shop or /Warp Enchant and right click the sign with the enchantment you want, while holding the item you want it applied on. After that equip the item, the the enchant will now be applied to you. At the In-Game CE shop enchants cost tokens, you can get these via voting, although we'll soon be adding some other cool ways of getting it them aswell

Furthermore, Custom Enchants can be found in the Special KitsOP Items and Air Drops. Some enchantments are exclusive to these.

What are the custom enchants available on the server, how can i get them and what do they do?

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