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Hi everyone,

If you're an OP Factions player or someone that was looking to get into OP Factions, you were probably expecting to see the reset live by now. This post is not only to address that but also another issue that spans the last several OP Factions resets.

With the current reset that was supposed to release, it simply didn't reach the baseline we expect from a reset in both quality and features. For this reason, the reset post has been deleted and we'll be cancelling the reset entirely. With that said, I move onto the next section of this post -- OP Factions as a whole.

For more than the last year, we've attempted to create the kind of faction server that you'd expect in this current day from networks like ours. Yes, we've attempted new things here and there, but they've typically not panned out in the longer term, whether it be due to instability or inability to maintain it.

Unfortunately, while this was something in concept we were close to achieving, it wasn't something we were able to execute. There are without a doubt a multitude of reasons for this, most notably the lack of developers to make the required plugins (there simply aren't any decent public plugins that'd come close to what...
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We've introduced an Easter egg hunt that is now active on both Skyblock Ultra and Survival. Finding these eggs will yield various rewards, and finding all of them will give you the exclusive yellow flower tag.

Right clicking the bunny will show you how many eggs you've found so far and will give you a list of the possible rewards you can get from each egg.
The Easter Egg Hunt will be active for the next week, so be sure to get all of them before they're gone!
As of today, @S4RG3 has been promoted to Community Manager! Since late November, he's been helping management with backend file access...
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Survival will be reset on Friday, April 5th @ 3PM EST
Live server will be brought down at 6AM EST on the same day
Server version: 1.12.2 (1.8 - 1.13.2 supported)
Data that will not be transferred:

  • Inventories
  • Ender Chests
  • Player Vaults
  • All worlds and builds
  • MCMMO levels
  • In-game currency
  • In-game ranks
Data that will be transferred:
  • Paid ranks
  • Paid commands
Packages purchased prior to release will be re-run shortly after
Anything purchased within 1 month of this announcement will be re-run
Survival continues to prove its mainstay at Neme with its ongoing stability throughout the last 10 months. Going into this reset, we've added some...​
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In the way of content, March has seen a smaller amount of changes made to the network, but it did include a Skyblock Ultra reset which provided some needed change to the longevity of the server, including the dynamic pricing that was added to spawners, meaning the price of the spawners would increase the more you purchased.

The reset also saw the addition of the brand new rankup system we intend on bringing to our other major servers in the future. Thus far the system has proved to be quite successful and does exactly what we intended on it doing. There are still things that can be done with it in the future, but as of right now, we're happy with its current state.

March also saw us bring a quality of life update to the network. You can read more about that here!​
Jr. Mod -> Global Mod:
Global Mod -> Sr. Mod:
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Hey everyone!

As we try to create and update new features all the time, along with bug fixes when needed, we’ve compiled some of our most recent large changes here. Feel free to let us know what you think of these additions and any suggestions for new features for any part of NemeGaming!


Our /playtime plugin has been upgraded to include a GUI showing both playtime leaderboards and in-depth playtime statistics about yourself! You can even see the top playtimes for the current season of the server you use the command on. As always, you can also use /gplaytime for your global playtime.

Additionally, we have updated our AFK (Away-From-Keyboard) system to allow donors to create their own custom AFK messaged, much like custom join messages. If you are messaged when AFK, your custom message will be displayed instead of the default one. Don’t worry though, if you’re not a donor you will still have the default AFK message. Donors can edit this message using /afkmsg.

As many players have observed, our old anticheat Firefly has been increasingly inaccurate and has faced different issues over the past few months. As of now, we’ve switched...