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|Skyblock Competitive Season 7

To follow on with what we were doing to Skyblock Competitive we continued with Season 7, we changed the player warp system to add sponsored warps which you can pay in game money for. Along with server warps we also added a new auction house which you can check out by doing /ah. You can check this post here.

|Competitive play

We announced earlier this month that following a EULA change we would no longer be doing payouts which included Skyblock Competitive. Our servers are now casual play and you can check the post here.

|New Lobby

We changed our Lobby this month which you can check by logging in but you can also check the picture here.

|Prison revamp

We announced huge changes to Prison in a revamp/reset this month, there is a lot of new changes and the whole gamemode has changed from previous resets....
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Hello everyone,

Skyblock Red launches on Saturday, May 30th @ 3 PM ET
Server Version: 1.12.2 (1.8-1.15.2 support)

You’re probably wondering why we’re making a brand new Skyblock server. Our goal with this server is to be a laid back version of the current server, with features that would be too different from the current competitive server. We’d still like to offer the current experience while also being able to provide this brand new experience, with features not seen on Neme before, which will be detailed below. With this in mind, we’ll again be rebranding the competitive Skyblock server back to Skyblock Ultra.

While this is a brand new server with a lot of new features, it is in fact a hybrid between Skyblock Ultra’s features and the new additions. Features such as the fishing lake or the level system will be brought across, albeit with new balancing to...
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Hey all,

From the moment @TitanicFreak and I joined @NobleProductions as owners of Neme, we’ve been hard at work making various improvements to the network (both at the forefront and the background) and working on entirely new projects altogether. It’s been really fun getting to know you guys, and I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future of Neme. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the new lobby in-game, though it’s nowhere near its final form yet. This marks the beginning of what we’ve dubbed “Phase 1” of our plans for Neme’s future. To follow up on that, we wanted to go through every gamemode and revamp them to bring out their fullest potential, starting with Prison.

Prison will be reset on Saturday, May 23rd @ 3 PM ET
Server Version: 1.12.2 (1.8-1.15.2 support)
  • Paid ranks
  • Paid perks (with the exception of TRIPLE BLOCKS)
  • Paid commands (with the exception of /autosell)
  • ...
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Update: Maintenance is now complete!

Hey everyone,

This is a quick post to inform you that we will be performing some maintenance on the network tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th at 6am BST / 1am ET. This will, of course, require us to bring down the network for a period of time in order to make the necessary changes we need to make.

The maintenance should last anywhere between 2-3 hours at most, but in the event of something going wrong in that time, it could be longer.

We'll be doing the following:
  • Updating our frontend proxy software
  • Updating our version compatibility software to allow for 1.15.2 clients
  • Applying updates to the lobby
  • Rearranging where certain servers are hosted in preparation for the future
  • Performing maintenance on our backends to help future-proof our services
  • Updating our backend rank system to match our intended initial goals
  • Applying redundancy measures for making future proxy updates easier
While this is going on, there will be intermittent issues with all NemeGaming services, but this should be fully resolved by the time the maintenance is complete.

This post will be updated with only major updates and once the...
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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since we had any sort of announcement outside of resets or monthly reviews, but the nature of this post warrants its own announcement as it pertains to the entire network and the future of it going forward, namely in regards to competitive servers. Let's get into it...

NemeGaming was founded in November 2011, starting as a Factions server and eventually becoming a network that has slowly evolved into what it is today. On the topic of Factions, we'll be discussing that later in this post. Going from solely competitive, to slowly integrating casual servers into the foray, to now being a mix of both, NemeGaming has been on both ends of the spectrum of servers.

So why are we bringing up parts of the network's history? Well, we understand that competitive servers are where this network started, and we don't deny that they played a huge role in pushing NemeGaming up there to where we were able to add casual servers that eventually took over. Nothing has changed in regards to our intentions to bring Factions back, but it won't be the same Factions it was before. Let me elaborate.

For context, we've been...