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Website Updates | Store Updates, Giveaway + More!
Hey everyone,

Back in January we released this website to you guys, and we were glad to see that you all enjoyed it. However, recently we decided to undertake the task of giving it a mini face-lift.

As you may have already noticed, we recently added a bunch of new artwork!
I'm sure you've noticed the awesome new background on all of our websites, as-well as the fancy server logos on the Store page.

We also took this as an opportunity to add some additional functionality to our stores.

Late last week we added a brand new payment method on all of our stores - Credit / Debit Card. This means you can now checkout directly on our store without the need to use PayPal (Although, you still can if you prefer it). It's totally safe and secure, and allows you to seamlessly checkout right on the basket page.

Check it out ->

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Update: FuriousPvP has now been reset! Join: ▶ /server furious.

Hey everyone,

I think it's safe to say it's been quite a ride in the time that Furious PvP's been part of Neme. From both communities mostly coming together well under one name. On top of this, we have been learning the ins and outs to the Furious PvP server to now say that we will be resetting the server, as we know this has been requested quite a bit from a considerably amount of people that play there. So, without further ado, let's get into what will and won't be changing.

Notable Changes:
  • Brand new spawn
  • Brand new end
  • Custom map
  • Crates will be replaced entirely by our custom airdrop system
  • Better frequent events
  • Formatting to match Neme
  • Bans will NOT reset
  • Condensed donor ranks from 11 to 6
    • Nobody has been downgraded
    • If your rank is not the same as before, then it has been upgraded
What will not transfer (will reset):
  • Inventories
  • All balances
  • Ender chests
  • All worlds and builds
  • mcMMO levels
What will transfer (won't reset):
  • Paid donor ranks
  • One-time items purchased within two weeks of the...
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Edit: Skywars has now been closed.​

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, we are announcing the closure of the Skywars server.

As I'm sure most of you are aware, Skywars is often left with no-one online, or not enough players to start a game. With the past reset we tried to improve the server and revive it, however it became clear quickly that the server didn't have the player outcome we were hoping for.

The closure will not be permanent, and we hope to bring the server back in the near future when we have more time to put into projects like this. For the mean time we want to bring you guys some bigger content.

The server will close on Sunday, the 12th of March.

~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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Update: OP-Prison has now reset! Check it out at

Unfortunately, we have run into some heavy setbacks that means we are unable to release Prison at the original date. Rather, we have moved the release date back by 1 day, so it will occur on Sunday, February 26th. We apologise for the inconvenience with this, but we wish to provide the best possible release. Thanks.

Hey everyone,

We're excited to announce that OP Prison will be receiving the full reset treatment. Just like our previous reset, OP Prison has shown to be one of the more successful resets we've done, and has proven the test of time. It is now at a point where we believe a reset would be the best option. So without further ado, let's get into it!

What will not be transferred:
  • Inventories
  • Ender Chests
  • Player Vaults
  • All worlds and builds
  • mcMMO Levels
  • Money
  • Non-Paid Ranks
What will be transferred:
  • Paid donor ranks
Just like the recent resets, you will NOT be required to reclaim your rank or perks, they will be automatically applied when you log in!

We hope you're looking forward to this much-needed reset as much as we are. The...
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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since we brought S.A.R.A.H. into Neme, but one thing we didn't do was inform you all on what (or who) S.A.R.A.H. is and what it (or she) does. So let's get right into it!

So a lot of you by now know that S.A.R.A.H. has been on Neme for over a few months now, and it has definitely come a long way from its inception. What started out as a very simple anti-cheat has soon turned into quite a large project that has definitely caught a large amount of genuine hackers (over 20,000 as of writing this!). Of course, with something as experimental as this, it isn't perfect. This is the point of us providing long-term testing on our servers as thousands of people testing it helps us iron out issues far quicker than only a couple of us ever could. Each and every day we are making changes to S.A.R.A.H. to make it better and better at catching hackers on our servers to make your experience even more enjoyable without the risk of others ruining your experience.

I can't go too into detail about how S.A.R.A.H. works as we'd prefer it be as difficult as possible for hackers to try get around it, but we use many custom methods to determine whether people are hacking, whether it be speed hacking, kill aura or...