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by NobleProductions at 4:02 AM
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Hey everyone,

Back in August, we reset Prison which didn't meet the expectations of what a lot of you were hoping for. After considerable thought and time, we decided it would be a better idea to call for a revamp of the server, similarly to how we did for KitPvP. With this revamp, we intend on making the server actually more OP than it was before, which is what you should expect from an OP prison server. Alongside that, we have brought back the original spawn from earlier this year, but with a new touch on it.

We understand that not much had changed regarding when you unlocked new shops and mines, so with this reset, we have changed up the process in which you unlock them. Rather than receiving a new mine and shop every 75 prestiges, we have changed it so you can gain access to them far earlier. Here is a table showing the new prestiges in which you will unlock shops and mines:

Introduced in the last reset, achievements have proven to be quite successful on both Prison and other servers, but Prison did not contain any rewards for completing said achievements. That changes this reset; achievements can now offer various rewards ranging from sponge, to endstone, all the way to Neme flares, meaning they are lot more...
by nedthefed at 11:46 PM
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Hey everyone.

With the addition of Senior Moderator (Sr Mod) in the past few months, there's been a couple suggestions bouncing around to rename Half Mod to Junior Mod (Jr Mod). It is logical, and would also help with the confusion of newer members wondering what a Half Moderator is. To clarify this would not be a change of colour, just changing the display from 'Half Mod' to 'Jr Mod'.

Please leave your thoughts below, and vote on the poll. Thanks for reading!
by NobleProductions at 8:54 PM
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Hey everyone,

Last month, we reset KitPvP which brought in some major changes to the server, massively changing the fundamental aspect of the server. These changes weren’t met with the outcome we were hoping for, and we have heard you all loud and clearly. Since the reset, we have been working on a revamped KitPvP, which brings back a lot of what the old server had prior to the reset.

What will be changing:
  • Old kits will be brought back
  • A remixed version of the previous map, with new additions and a new biome
  • Removal of money-to-use and cooldown-based kits
  • Removal of parkour
  • Original donor-exclusive kits can no longer be obtained with in-game money
  • PracticePvP will be available from launch

As this revamp is being treated like a reset, there will of course be things that don’t transfer over.

What will not be transferred:
- KitPvP map
- All KitPvP statistics (kills, deaths, etc)
- Any kit upgrades
- All in-game currency

What will be transferred:
- Paid donor ranks
- PracticePvP statistics

As mentioned above, we have removed both in-game money and cooldown-based kits, meaning you can either access the kit, or require a rank to access it, akin to how it was prior to this reset....
by Rasturize at 9:37 PM
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Hello everyone,

Today we'll be opening the doors for a new staff rank, Helper! With an increase of players over the last few months, we've worked on recruiting new staff to the team, but we still need lots of people to help answer questions or give people a simple introduction to a server. For these reasons, we're adding the new Helper rank to give more players a chance to help the staff team with these tasks.

So you're thinking, I want to get a chance to be a helper, how do I do it? Going to the Staff Application section of our forums, there is an option to apply for Helper, or Half Mod, depending on which rank you wish to apply for. The staff team has also chosen some players in the community who would be a good fit for this rank and will be contacting them for an interview within the next few days.

There will be more information about this rank on the Staff Application form. I wish all applicants luck, feel free to ask questions below!

~The NemeGaming Staff Team
by NobleProductions at 4:44 PM
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Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since we posted anything regarding Minigames, and we know a good amount of you have been looking for some kind of update or change to to Minigames. With that being said, I’m excited to announce that we will be resetting Minigames! After having reviewed your feedback and suggestions, we have been working on creating a better version of what’s already there without changing up too much of the core gameplay.

What will not be transferred:
  • Stats
  • Current maps
  • Current spawn
What will be transferred:
  • Paid donor ranks
With that out of the way, what’s different about this reset and will it bring anything new?

I think it’s safe to say that this reset will be bringing about a large amount of new games and maps, and also a new type of game.

So on the current Minigames, we have the following modes:
  • Capture the flag
  • Destroy the core
  • King of the hill
  • MineSiege
  • Payload
  • Sabotage
  • Team Deathmatch
These will all be making a return with brand new maps and kit balancing!

The major change that we have made is how games are chosen at the end of a match. Currently, after a match ends, a new game is chosen at...