by Jman at 2:13 AM
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Hello everyone,

In addition to being able to report players here on the forum, we have added a new feature so you can now make reports on other players from within the game. In order to make a report simply do /report <player> <url to proof> and a team of staff members will take a look at it and react accordingly.

Have a nice day!
by NobleProductions at 8:17 AM
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Hey everyone,

So yesterday, we announced the reset of Skyblock, which is coming today as of me writing this post!

I thought that it would be a good idea to gather some statistics on the placement of all players in the level system from the current Skyblock server.

Out of a total of 38,728 players:
2 reached Emperor
2 reached General
1 reached Brigadier
12 reached Warlock
21 reached Marshal
55 reached Chief
143 reached Covert
129 reached Commander
270 reached Major
297 reached Captain
387 reached Duke
488 reached Knight
682 reached Baron
1,586 reached Novice​

Now, for the two players that reached Emperor, you will both receive a permanent prefix to signify your achievement of reaching such a monumental rank. Both @babyplatypus19 and _Wadee_ will be receiving this tag, so be sure to congratulate them if you see them around after the reset!...
by NobleProductions at 5:20 AM
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Hey everyone,

From the moment of last resetting back in August 2016, Skyblock was an instant hit.​
Since then, it has become the most popular server on the Neme Gaming Network! To help accommodate for this massive increase in popularity, we will be resetting Skyblock on Sunday, January 22nd. This should allow us to make Skyblock even better and a lot more stable to allow many more players online at the same time for you to interact with!

With this reset, the following will not be transferred:
  • Islands
  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Ender Chests
  • All Builds
  • In-game Ranks
  • mcMMO
  • Money
The following will be transferred:
  • Donor Ranks
New Spawn
Here's a quick preview of the new spawn built by Team Divinity!

by Rasturize / Connor at 11:42 PM
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Hello everyone!

We know how much you guys can love customizing your game and client to suit your needs, and we know we do too! So to help everyone stay balanced and fair, here is the official Neme approved mods!

Approved Mod Loaders/Clients:

- OptiFine
- Forge Mod Loader
- The 5zig Mod
- LabyMod and all of its additions
- LiteLoader (Mostly, see more info below)

Approved Mods:

- Damage Indicators
- LunatriusCore
- Almost all LiteLoader mods (see Disapproved Mods)
- Minimap (no radar allowed)
- ArmorStatus, PotionStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, bspkrsCore.
- ToggleSneak, ToggleSprint and PlayerAPI
- Any Shader Mods
- Any Cape Mods
- Any version of OptiFine
- InGameInfoXML (Or TextMod)
- Schematica, but the "Printer" function is NOT allowed
- TCP No Delay
- Any Gamma or Brightness mods
- Saturation Display
- Batty's Coords
- Screenshot uploaders (such as bUpload)
- TexturePack Organizer
- CPS Counter and the Keystrokes Mod
- Macros Mod

Disapproved Mods:

by Gaurav1234 at 6:44 PM
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Hey, everyone!

We're making some changes to our rules and bans system over the next couple of days. These changes will come in two "waves". The first "wave" of changes has already been made, and the next "wave" of changes will happen tonight (in about 12 hours).

The first wave of changes included the following changes:
  • Improved automatic advertisement detection
  • Mutes now prevent people from talking in f chat etc.
  • Mutes now prevent people from placing signs (except for shops)
  • Mutes now prevent people from editing books
  • The first hacking offense is now 7 days (rather than 2 days)

The second wave will have a few pretty big changes:
  • The weapon name is removed from kill messages if you're muted
  • Removing rule 5
  • Renaming rule 2 to "chat offenses" and making it multi-part:
    • 2a: Spamming -- no multiplier
    • 2b: Staff disrespect -- 2x multiplier
    • 2c: General Toxicity (Racism, Homophobia, Sexism,...