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Hey everyone,

If you weren’t already aware, Black Friday is coming up on the 23rd of November. At NemeGaming we want to take advantage of this global event and give you the best deals possible, while also introducing new things to our stores and servers. Along with our Black Friday sale (lasting from Friday to Monday), we will be running events over the weekend and introducing new features too!

Skyblock Rewards
In addition to our end-of-season Gift Card rewards, we will now be offering monthly rewards to the top three islands in /is top. Each month the top three islands will receive the following rewards:

#1 - $50 Store Gift Card
#2 - $25 Store Gift Card
#3 - $10 Store Gift Card

These Gift Cards will be given to the island leaders to split amongst their members. To claim your reward, open a Support Ticket in our Discord server.

New Updates & Features
With Skyblock Ultra releasing recently, we have been focused on it for updates and feature additions.

These include:
  • Updates to the Fishing system with new rewards and higher level caps.
  • Added new mob types to the leaderboards page for Kills.
  • Updated the DropParty system to...
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Hey everyone,

As you all know, I’ve been Upper Manager on Neme for over 2 years now. In that time, we’ve been able to bring a huge amount of changes to the network in a variety of ways. Whether it be the entirely new staff system we now use, to the way we make servers, a lot has changed between then and now.

A few days ago, I made the announcement on our sister server, PartyZone, that I was going to be taking over as Owner. If you read that, you will have seen a specific quote that mentioned something else. That quote mentioned that not only would I be taking over PartyZone as Owner, but I’d also be taking over Neme too. With that said, I am happy to announce that as of this week, I have officially taken over the network entirely as Owner!

While this may have appeared to have come out of nowhere, this has been several months in the works, which is why you will have noticed the lack of major changes going on over the last couple months specifically. However, now that that’s out of the way, we can get back to making as much good content as we can. With this, we want each and every reset to be meaningful in that the changes we make add to the experience as much as possible,...
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Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve had a major announcement like this happen, which we’ll get into in this thread.

So to begin, we’d like to thank you all for hanging on while we’ve been working behind the scenes on the future of the network. There will be more on that in a separate post coming tomorrow, but until then, let’s get into the main thing!

That’s right, it’s happening. Skyblock will be finally resetting after having arguably the longest lifespan in recent time for the server, along with easily the most requests for a reset we’ve seen in a long time. We’ve got a lot to cover, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Upon reset, the following will not be transferred:
- Inventories
- Ender Chests
- Player Vaults
- All worlds and builds
- McMMO levels
- In-game currency
- In-game ranks

As usual, the following will be transferred:
- Paid donor ranks
- Paid donor commands
Note: if you have any issues with purchases, please make a Purchase Support Ticket.


Major Changes...
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Update: We've run into some unexpected issues with some of the core faction plugins that means we're unable to release at this time. We'll have more info soon.

Update #2: We'll be working on fixing the above issues and release will be Sunday, the same time as originally stated, just one day later.

Hey everyone,

OP Factions is one of the longest standing servers on NemeGaming, and we have spent countless hours honing its ability to provide a fast-paced & competitive experience for all. This reset will be a little different from our normal system, read below for information on our new “Seasons” system.

Server Seasons
From this point forwards, OP Factions will enter a defined Seasons system. This means that from the date of the reset, the entire schedule of the season will be available to view, along with our plans and updates during this time.

As we have just introduced this system, this season of OP Factions will be considered a Pre-Season. This means that we will use this season to make changes and improvements to the Seasons system as a whole, along with improving the server and its experience for all players.

Season Information
Season: OP Factions Pre-Season 1
Duration: 8 weeks...
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Hey everyone,

Just like August, an awful lot hasn’t been going on around the network, but with the beginning of October now here, we’ve got plenty of big events happening that we’re not quite ready to announce yet. So without further ado, here’s the major changes that have happened over the last month.


- We have temporarily disabled trading due to some exploits that were found with regards to money

- We have created pages for both Custom Enchants, and also which Gift Card Rewards are currently active on the network. These can both be viewed here!

- This month, Prison received its reset, which included a plethora of updates and refined the already-existing balancing to the levels. You can read more about all the changes made in the changelog here!
- You are now able to change the...