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|Server closures
At the start of this month we announced that we would be closing 3 of our servers, these servers were: Skyblock Red, Prison and Factions. They officially closed on 11th January.

If you purchased any permanent things from the store such as ranks, commands and perks that you paid for and not with a giftcard, you can get this back in a giftcard for either Skyblock or Survival by making a purchase support here. You have until March 8th to claim this giftcard, after this date no giftcards will be given out for any closed servers.


There are no promotions this month, check back in next month.

|Staff Of The Month

At the start of the month, a member of the staff team will receive “Staff of the Month” as an award for their exemplary work throughout the previous month. With that said, here are some kind words from our lovely Staff Manager, @VanessaMoo !

"Hey everyone,

This months SOTM goes to @noabowa . Noa has been consistently active over the past month, constantly being active in game and getting his playtime in. He is always looking for ways that he can...
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As we begin to look to the future of the network, we have been evaluating what we would like to see from the server in the way of the content that we produce and the kind of gameplay we would like to promote. As you will have seen from the title, this does mean some difficult decisions have to be made in order to move forward. With that in mind, we must announce that both Prison and Skyblock Red will be permanently closing; we are also officially confirming that all work on Factions has now ceased, and it will also be closed permanently with immediate effect.

Following these closures, our goal is to finally bring the latest version of Minecraft, 1.16.4, to both Skyblock Ultra (which will now be known simply as “Skyblock”) and Survival. As well as this, we intend to bring updates to KitPvP afterwards which will bring new working features, as well as looking to past versions of the server to give what people have been requesting.

With the above in mind, gift cards can be requested for purchases made on permanent packages (such as ranks or kits for example), but not for one-time consumables (crates or OP items for example). Support requests will only be accepted upon the closure of the servers. Once you have received...
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|Christmas and New Year

After a crazy and different year for everyone, its finally time we have started a new year, throughout the past year throughout all that has gone on we cannot thank you all enough for your support. Whether it be through playing the server or consistently voting it all helps.

Throughout the Christmas weekend, we ran a Christmas event which proved to be popular, we hope to continue events like this throughout the next year. Thank you to everyone who participated.

From everyone at the NemeGaming staff and Management team, we wish you all a happy, safe and healthy New Year.


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|Staff Of The Month

At the start of the month, a member of the staff team will receive “Staff of the Month” as an award for their exemplary work throughout the previous month. With that said, here are some kind words from our lovely Staff Manager, @VanessaMoo !

"Hey everyone,

Happy new year! Our first SOTM this year goes to @Aviem Over the past month, Jonny has been working alongside our admins and...
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Earlier this month we moved our changelogs from here on the forums over to our Discord. We did this as we felt it was much easier to post changes as they happen instead of weekly. This also allows you all to keep up to date quicker.


Just a few days ago we celebrated 9 years of Neme, 9 years ago on the 27th Neme was created, starting off as a Factions server and now a network with multiple gamemodes. We appreciate everyone who has supported us over the year. Here is to more years to come! Check out the post here.


Make sure to log in every day up to the 25th December to claim your /advent reward on both Skyblock Ultra and Red also Survival. We have great rewards for you to claim each day and if you claim all days from the 8th to the 25th you will receive a bonus reward which is special.


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|Staff Of The Month

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Hey everyone! Wow how quick this last year has gone, feels like I only wrote the 8th-anniversary announcement yesterday

Neme began as a Factions server in 2011 and has since become a great network with a variety of different game modes in the past 9 years

These past 9 years Neme has gone through so many changes and it has been a great 9 years. Neme has and continues to be a great server and we cannot thank everyone who has supported Neme and will continue to support us, without you all we would not be here today

We really appreciate what you all do and sticking with us

Here is to the future and many more years to come! <3