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by NobleProductions at 8:17 AM
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Hey everyone,

So yesterday, we announced the reset of Skyblock, which is coming today as of me writing this post!

I thought that it would be a good idea to gather some statistics on the placement of all players in the level system from the current Skyblock server.

Out of a total of 38,728 players:
2 reached Emperor
2 reached General
1 reached Brigadier
12 reached Warlock
21 reached Marshal
55 reached Chief
143 reached Covert
129 reached Commander
270 reached Major
297 reached Captain
387 reached Duke
488 reached Knight
682 reached Baron
1,586 reached Novice​

Now, for the two players that reached Emperor, you will both receive a permanent prefix to signify your achievement of reaching such a monumental rank. Both @babyplatypus19 and _Wadee_ will be receiving this tag, so be sure to congratulate them if you see them around after the reset!


Next up, for those that reached the next rank, General will also be receiving their own exclusive tag! Both DarkShadow1051 and DJCook55 will receive this tag upon the reset, so be sure to also congratulate them as...
by NobleProductions at 5:20 AM
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Hey everyone,

From the moment of last resetting back in August 2016, Skyblock was an instant hit.​
Since then, it has become the most popular server on the Neme Gaming Network! To help accommodate for this massive increase in popularity, we will be resetting Skyblock on Sunday, January 22nd. This should allow us to make Skyblock even better and a lot more stable to allow many more players online at the same time for you to interact with!

With this reset, the following will not be transferred:
  • Islands
  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Ender Chests
  • All Builds
  • In-game Ranks
  • mcMMO
  • Money
The following will be transferred:
  • Donor Ranks
New Spawn
Here's a quick preview of the new spawn built by Team Divinity!

Alongside this reset comes a renovated market that is a lot easier to navigate with areas that are sectioned properly and easy to remember. On the outside, you can purchase...
by Gaurav1234 at 6:44 PM
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Hey, everyone!

We're making some changes to our rules and bans system over the next couple of days. These changes will come in two "waves". The first "wave" of changes has already been made, and the next "wave" of changes will happen tonight (in about 12 hours).

The first wave of changes included the following changes:
  • Improved automatic advertisement detection
  • Mutes now prevent people from talking in f chat etc.
  • Mutes now prevent people from placing signs (except for shops)
  • Mutes now prevent people from editing books
  • The first hacking offense is now 7 days (rather than 2 days)

The second wave will have a few pretty big changes:
  • The weapon name is removed from kill messages if you're muted
  • Removing rule 5
  • Renaming rule 2 to "chat offenses" and making it multi-part:
    • 2a: Spamming -- no multiplier
    • 2b: Staff disrespect -- 2x multiplier
    • 2c: General Toxicity (Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Harassment, etc.) -- 3x multiplier
The rules will all stack under the same offenses, but the multiplier will multiply the duration if it's for that rule specifically (I'll explain further below).

Offenses for rule 2:
  1. ...
by Gaurav1234 at 3:53 AM
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Hey guys,

As most of you know, for the last few months @NobleProductions has been helping Upper Management to manage the network. He's the best manager we've ever worked with, and we're (hopefully) the best network he's worked with. He has recently decided to shut down his own network, the Noble Craft Network (NC for short), and move the players and staff over here. This post will be for both Neme and NC players who have any questions about this transition.

When will all of this be happening?
On the 30th of January, NC's IP will start forwarding to our hub. They have a great community, and we doubt there'll be any conflicts.

What if I donated on NC?
If you donated on NC, you'll get price-equivalent donor perks here on either our Skyblock server or an unannounced future server. We'll give more details on this when we get closer to the transition date.

What about their staff?
We will be welcoming NC's staff onto our team if they wish to move over. We've already been working closely with most of the admins on their network, so it shouldn't be much of a transition for them. Still, we will make sure that all of their staff are trained as we normally train staff. They will be given...
by Grandmen123 at 12:47 AM
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Hey everyone,

So I know naturally it's not me who posts these, but for the past week me and the management team, have been working to bring you guys a brand new website!

This has been on our minds for a while, but since we have been focusing on The Nework itself, the website got slightly pushed aside, but with all the awesome updates coming along nicely the opportunity to focus for a bit on something else was prominent and so we took it.

So what is new on the website?

Well, for starters we are no longer based on the Enjin website, making it so your accounts here are unique to our website. However, that alone wouldn't suffice to justify the change, the new website is also increadibly more efficient, the forums are organised in a much better way, and everything is just much better, and a very significant improvement to our old website.
We also implemented a new trophy system, click here to learn more about it, trophies will grant you trophy points, and these will allow you to climb up on the forum rank ladder (yes that is also a new thing, click here to know all about it).

But wait! Where is everything? I don't...