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Hey everyone,

As you may have seen on the forums over the last day, we have had an influx of new players from a server by the name of Furious PvP. For those unaware, we have acquired this server as the owner, Despawned is moving on from running Minecraft servers. The reason behind this post is to inform both Neme and FuriousPvP players on what will be happening.

When will the move be happening?
We expect the transition to start at around 7PM EST. The FuriousPvP IP will be forwarded to Neme, but will direct you straight to the FuriousPvP server. For those of you running Forge (FML), this will likely not work. If you are running Forge, you will likely be directed to our lobby, but you can just as easily get back to Furious PvP by doing /server furious or clicking the NPC that will be in our lobby!

What if I donated on FuriousPvP?
Everything on FuriousPvP will remain the same. Your ranks and purchases will stay as they are!

What about the staff team?
Any staff that want to come over are absolutely free to do so. We'll be working to integrate the FuriousPvP staff team into the Neme staff team by training them as we usually would for our own staff team. For the few that have already joined us prior...
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Update: You may now request purchase transfers from creative to another server here

Hey everyone,

It may not come as a surprise to some, but it is with deep regret that we have to announce the closure of the Neme Creative server.

The reason behind this is that it is just not sustainable to run and maintain and requires a lot more work than is worthwhile to keep it online. Anybody that donated to Creative within the last two months are able to receive a voucher for the server of their choice when the server is closed here. Any support requests posted before then will be denied as the server has not yet been closed. This wasn't an easy decision to come to. However, we believe it is the best step to help further progress Neme in the best way that we can.

The date of closure will this Saturday, January 28th.

~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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Hello everyone,

In addition to being able to report players here on the forum, we have added a new feature so you can now make reports on other players from within the game. In order to make a report simply do /report <player> <url to proof> and a team of staff members will take a look at it and react accordingly.

Have a nice day!
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Hey everyone,

So yesterday, we announced the reset of Skyblock, which is coming today as of me writing this post!

I thought that it would be a good idea to gather some statistics on the placement of all players in the level system from the current Skyblock server.

Out of a total of 38,728 players:
2 reached Emperor
2 reached General
1 reached Brigadier
12 reached Warlock
21 reached Marshal
55 reached Chief
143 reached Covert
129 reached Commander
270 reached Major
297 reached Captain
387 reached Duke
488 reached Knight
682 reached Baron
1,586 reached Novice​

Now, for the two players that reached Emperor, you will both receive a permanent prefix to signify your achievement of reaching such a monumental rank. Both @babyplatypus19 and _Wadee_ will be receiving this tag, so be sure to congratulate them if you see them around after the reset!


Next up, for those that reached the next rank, General will also be receiving their own exclusive tag! Both DarkShadow1051 and DJCook55 will receive this tag upon the reset, so be sure to also congratulate them as...
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Hey everyone,

From the moment of last resetting back in August 2016, Skyblock was an instant hit.​
Since then, it has become the most popular server on the Neme Gaming Network! To help accommodate for this massive increase in popularity, we will be resetting Skyblock on Sunday, January 22nd. This should allow us to make Skyblock even better and a lot more stable to allow many more players online at the same time for you to interact with!

With this reset, the following will not be transferred:
  • Islands
  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Ender Chests
  • All Builds
  • In-game Ranks
  • mcMMO
  • Money
The following will be transferred:
  • Donor Ranks
New Spawn
Here's a quick preview of the new spawn built by Team Divinity!

Alongside this reset comes a renovated market that is a lot easier to navigate with areas that are sectioned properly and easy to remember. On the outside, you can purchase...