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Heyo everyone,

One of NemeGaming's largest server is ready for a reset. After countless hours of effort into mining, farming, bal top, and more.

Reset Information: Skyblock will reset this Saturday the 21st, at 12:00 PM EST

Upon reset, the following will not be transferred:
- Inventories
- Ender Chests
- Player Vaults
- All worlds and builds
- McMMO levels
- In-game currency
- In-game ranks

As usual, the following will be transferred:
- Paid donor ranks
- Paid donor commands

Server Updates

Parkour Changes!

Parkour has been in high demand on Skyblock and I'm happy to say that the available parkours are now levels 1 2 & 3. To unlock the next parkour, you have to complete the previous parkour under a certain time that will be displayed in-game, on a hologram.

Achievement Update!

Achievement rewards have been completely overhauled, allowing for an easier to understand system & the achievements being more realistic to reach. The previous reset the community showed us that some of the ones on the live server were practically unobtainable, so a big thank you to those of the community who were willing to share their stats, allowing this adjustment.

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Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, I don't bear good news today. We have decided that we will be closing the Minigames server due to lack of popularity despite various efforts to avert the issue. With this in mind, we will be closing the server indefinitely, and as a result, will be allowing anybody that purchased VIP to transfer their purchase over to one of our other servers. You will be able to receive a gift card for the value at which you purchased the rank at, not the base price of the rank.

We will begin accepting rank transfers after the closure of the server, which will occur tomorrow, Saturday, March 3rd. The server will be closed prior to the release of OP Factions, which is resetting at 11am EST. The server will close at 10:30am EST. To request a rank transfer after the closure, simply click here.
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Update: Unfortunately, between the making of this announcement and now, we've run into some slight issues that have required us to move the release date to Sunday, March 4th at 11:00 AM EST. We do appreciate that a lot of you had planned to be on here for the reset, however, we'd like to be able to deliver the best possible server for you, and we believe that for us to do that, this extra day is necessary.

A short season of fighting, base building, and a race for the number one spot on Factions Top has made for a good few months. But now, change is upon us - without further ado, there will be a massive update to OP Factions, and a server reset!

As I said the last time I made this announcement, a few months ago, OP Factions will always be one of my favorite servers on NemeGaming. It's filled with competitive players, hilarious moments and teamwork on epic proportions, which all makes for an amazing experience, playing alongside your friends and foes. For these reasons, I always get extremely excited when I get the chance to work more on OP Factions to help create new features, and improve on ones we already have. This update to the server will change the very fundamentals of how our...
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Final Update: Server is now open again!

Update #1:
Work on the revamp has now started. We'll post some updates as we make more progress.

Update #2: After spending 3 hours trying to get the server to allow us to join, we've finally started full work.

Update #3: Most implementation is done, just still need to add a few things, and also continue with generating the world to accommodate for the expanded border.

Update #4: Almost finished now. Final implementations are being done.

Hey everyone,

For quite a while now, there’s been some talk of an update to Survival. This was originally going to be released in December, but other server resets got in the way, and we weren’t able to deliver what we wanted to bring to the update, so we instead decided to push it back a bit further and expand on what we wanted to add with it. So with that said, let’s get into what this update will entail!

What will NOT be happening:
We understand that some of you may be concerned that this is basically a reset. We can safely say that this revamp will in no way reset anything, from builds to claimblocks, to money. This is simply a content update to the server which will see new items and features...
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Hey everyone,

With the start of the new year, we’ve been getting back into the swing of things again, and that includes server resets. To start the year off, we’ll be finally resetting Prison. With this reset comes a copious amount of changes and additions to the server, including the heavily requested custom enchantments.

Not a lot has changed in the way of regular content, such as kits and whatnot, however, we know a good amount of you have been requesting a mine specifically to get wood from, which is separate from the regular set of mines. On top of this, the Jackpot mine has been changed to replace the stone with various ores, so this should be more enticing for lower-level players as you can actually make more money at a lower level going to the Jackpot mine than the lower-tier mines.

The PvP arena has seen a bigger change in that it has now been moved from a single point in spawn, to covering the underneath of it, and can be accessed from several locations within spawn. This new arena also contains multiple storeys that you can battle each other in, along with a small element of parkour to get between different storeys within the arena.

Another highly requested feature for Prison is the inclusion of a parkour...