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Release date: Friday, May 10th
Server will be mostly usable, though there may be periods where you're unable to see channels you should be able to. Bots may also become unavailable while we do our work.
We'll be bringing some much-needed change to the Discord which will bring it up to what you'd expect of a Discord server today. Along with the visual changes to the server, we'll be changing how we go about announcing new features and updates, and also including new features that you'll have seen on a variety of other servers.
Since its inception, the Discord has received little in the way of big overhauls and has only been iterated on from there. This meant that the layout of some channels and categories weren't done the best way, which then meant that certain channels aren't where you'd expect them to be, more so especially in regards to the staff channels....
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Hey everyone, lately we've been focused on Survival's newly released map, but we haven't forgotten about Skyblock Ultra! As of this announcement, we've released a large set of updates outlined below. Enjoy!

We've revamped our crate system to be more modern and eye-catching! Crates are now all contained within a "master" crate, which you can access at spawn as usual or with /crate. With this new system, you can see at-a-glance how many keys you have per crate, along with crate rewards by previewing all crates. Finally, all crates now have new animations based on their rarity! High tier crates have a longer, fancy animation, and more common crates have a faster one.

Although this change is global, we've added a toggle-able update to McMMO. As you most likely use McMMO actions often, we wanted to move these away from chat and to the action bar (the text field above your health and hunger) to make chat feel less cluttered. You can toggle this on and off with /mmoaction, and you can enable McMMO level progress with /mmoaction progress.
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Update: Maintenance is now complete, and the network is back online.

Hey everyone,

This is a quick post to inform you that we will be performing some maintenance on the network today, Monday, May 6th at 10am BST / 5am EDT. This will, of course, require us to bring down the network for a period of time in order to make the necessary changes we need to make.

The maintenance should last anywhere between 1-2 hours, but in the event of something going wrong in that time, it could be longer.

We'll be doing the following:

  • Adding support for 1.14 (this will not include any 1.14 features, just the client being able to join)
  • Updating our frontend proxy software
  • Moving to a new frontend provider (this should fix the kicking issue a lot of you have reported to us)
  • Performing database maintenance to ensure future stability
While this is going on, there may be some intermittent issues with services not inherently involved in the maintenance such as the website, but this should be fully resolved by the time the maintenance is complete.

This post will be updated with any updates we may have, and once the maintenance is completed.

Thank you all for reading, and we’ll...
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April has seen some big things happening across the network. From the reset of Survival to the temporary closure of OP Factions, we have a bit to go over.

Starting the month, we saw Survival receive its second reset ever on the network. This particular reset aimed at bringing in a plethora of systems that our other servers have enjoyed for many months already, such as the new item redemption system that allows us to give out a wide variety of content including but not limited to MCMMO credits, random OP items, tag packs and even ranks. On top of this, we've finally added an entirely custom-tailored player warp system that's made exactly how we've always wanted it to be which allows you to make both public and private warps to do whatever you like with. Read more about the player warps here, and be sure to check out @branny00's tutorial here.

Just past the halfway point into the month, we saw the Easter Update come into effect on both Skyblock Ultra and Survival. This...
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Hi everyone,

If you're an OP Factions player or someone that was looking to get into OP Factions, you were probably expecting to see the reset live by now. This post is not only to address that but also another issue that spans the last several OP Factions resets.

With the current reset that was supposed to release, it simply didn't reach the baseline we expect from a reset in both quality and features. For this reason, the reset post has been deleted and we'll be cancelling the reset entirely. With that said, I move onto the next section of this post -- OP Factions as a whole.

For more than the last year, we've attempted to create the kind of faction server that you'd expect in this current day from networks like ours. Yes, we've attempted new things here and there, but they've typically not panned out in the longer term, whether it be due to instability or inability to maintain it.

Unfortunately, while this was something in concept we were close to achieving, it wasn't something we were able to execute. There are without a doubt a multitude of reasons for this, most notably the lack of developers to make the required plugins (there simply aren't any decent public plugins that'd come close to what...