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Edit: Maintenance has now been completed.

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick informative announcement here to inform you all about some scheduled downtime that will be occurring tomorrow, the 17th May, at 2am EST (7am BST). The downtime will last in the region of 1-3 hours. Updates will be posted on our Official Twitter (@NemeGaming) - so be sure to follow us there.

During this maintenance you may see the following services go offline for various periods of time:
• Website (not stores)
• All gamemodes.
• Lobbies / the network itself.

Downtime will be kept to a minimum, and for the most part the website should stay mostly accessible for the duration of the maintenance.

As to why we're performing this maintenance, we're doing it for several reasons:
• As networks grow, they require more hosting capacity. This downtime will enable us to ensure we have sufficient space to grow when it comes to players.
• This gives us the perfect chance to perform updates around the network in places we're not usually able to with people playing. There will be a post shortly after the maintenance giving you an insight into some of the changes we make.

~ NemeGaming...
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Hey Everyone,

We're proud to announce that our brand new Survival Server is now live! You can check it out at!
You can check out the original post here.


In addition to our brand new server launch, we're excited to introduce the MC Gladiators community to NemeGaming. MC Gladiators was a network owned by myself with the main gamemode being Survival, it peaked at a playercount of around 100. Due to the size of the server we were unable to provide many updates / resources, so @Gaurav1234 and myself decided to merge MC Gladiators into NemeGaming alongside the Survival launch.

For MC Gladiators players, your ranks have all been transferred in the following way:
Brawler --> Gold
Bruiser --> Diamond
Champion --> Emerald
Gladiator --> Emerald
Emperor --> Obsidian

If you have any issues, and for all other donations that aren't ranks - you will need to create a Donation Support thread here. We'll aim to respond to all of these as fast as...
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Survival has now released! Join now at /server survival!

Hey everyone,

Not a lot has been going on as of lately in terms of updates to the network, and this is with good reason. You may have noticed that we have slowed down tremendously on the amount of updates we have been doing over the last month or two. As is pretty typical for these months, not much has been seemingly going on, but trust me when I say this - we have been working rigorously behind-the-scenes on both new content and updating current content.

This announcement is something I have long awaited to announce ever since I became an Upper Manager at the network. More specifically, I told @Gaurav1234 when I joined that I would like to create this server type. This was all the way back in August when I was first brought in. Without a doubt, this will excite a lot of you former NC players (particularly @Jess ;)) and everyone else. So without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that we will be opening a brand new Survival server!


You can expect to see a wide plethora of features with the release of Survival,...
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Forum Rules

Hey everyone,

So as you all know, a couple months ago we switched over to our new website, and since then we have been improving the website both on its back-end & front-end. Today we are releasing another update to (hopefully) improve the forums and the interactions of the players on them. Today we are releasing the official Forum Rules.

So we are gonna use a system based on Warning Points, each offense of a rule will result in a certain amount of warning points being given out to the offender. After they reach a certain amount of Warning Points they will be punished accordingly. This system is in Beta Mode, and will be improved upon in the weeks to follow.


The following actions are not allowed on our Forums:
  • Spamming of ANY kind, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Caps spamming
    • Thread spamming
      • Note that creating two similar but slightly different threads that could be merged counts as spamming
    • Application spamming
  • Advertising other servers
    • No server IP advertising
    • Any web links/videos/photos about other servers are also...
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Website Updates | Store Updates, Giveaway + More!
Hey everyone,

Back in January we released this website to you guys, and we were glad to see that you all enjoyed it. However, recently we decided to undertake the task of giving it a mini face-lift.

As you may have already noticed, we recently added a bunch of new artwork!
I'm sure you've noticed the awesome new background on all of our websites, as-well as the fancy server logos on the Store page.

We also took this as an opportunity to add some additional functionality to our stores.

Late last week we added a brand new payment method on all of our stores - Credit / Debit Card. This means you can now checkout directly on our store without the need to use PayPal (Although, you still can if you prefer it). It's totally safe and secure, and allows you to seamlessly checkout right on the basket page.

Check it out ->

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