I have been playing NFS rival and

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  1. my favorite car is either FerrariF12 or the one that drifts
  2. Adjure

    Adjure Staff Member Mod

    Need for speed is poop. <3
  3. Barking

    Barking New Member

    Awe come on, it isn't that bad xD
    Then again i haven't played the new NFS, so i couldn't say :p
  4. Adjure

    Adjure Staff Member Mod

    I mean, I prefer Forza. But, that is just preference.
  5. Notokay

    Notokay Experienced

    Need for speed? As in the one for PlayStation 2?? That was the shit aye
  6. Barking

    Barking New Member

  7. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor New Member

    Need For Speed on PS2. Ooo you are making me nostalgic. XD
  8. Barking

    Barking New Member

    Same, used to play it all the time :3
    ~Bork Bork

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