Hey everyone, 

For a while, we've been working on bringing you a brand new OP Prison server. As of today, OP Prison has officially been released!

With this reset, we have a whole sleu of new content for you to all enjoy. The following features have been reset this time around:

  • Balances
  • Inventories & Ender Chests
  • All Builds
  • Mine Levels
  • Plots

Purchased ranks have NOT been reset. To claim your rank back, click here!


In this reset, we have changed up our level structure, so instead of going from A-H, you can now go from A-Z, meaning you now have a lot more to work towards for a lot longer! On top of this, there are more kits and mines to unlock throughout the prestiges! 


On top of the new content, we have also made donor ranks even better! There are well over 100+ new perks added to all of our donor ranks, which will make your experience even better! All perks can be viewed on our store here! Alongside the donor ranks being buffed, the OP Items have been massively buffed to make your Prison life even better! The enchantments for these items can be found here.


Also new to OP Prison is our newest parkour course that you can all access at /warp Parkour. This course combines the Dropper with the typical parkour arena into a seamless course. Try it out, and try to get the fastest times!

Sell Boosters

New to OP Prison is the ability to purchase sell boosters for both the server, and yourself. Currently, you are able to purchase a 2x Global Sell Booster for 30 minutes, and a 2x Personal Sell Booster for 6 hours, meaning you will get double the amount of money you normally would!


As they have proven successful on Skyblock, we have also added Emotes to OP Prison donor ranks! You can view all Emotes on the store.

I'd like to thank you all for the support you have given to both the server and I in the time that I've been here and working on them. If you have any suggestions and feedback, be sure to head over to our forums here!


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Summer Update!

[Owner] Gaurav1234 aOP posted Aug 2, 16

Hey guys!

We haven't given you guys a big front-page update in a while, so here we go!

PvP Minigames

We recently released a new gamemode -- PvP Minigames!  It's still in development, and we're adding things like new maps, new gamemodes, and web-based stats!  If you haven't checked it out already, you should probably go do that ;P

OPFactions & DrugWars resets

In the last couple of weeks, we've reset both OPFactions and Drugwars -- fixing some issues both servers were having, while adding some cool features!  One of these features is custom world generation, here are a few screenshots that ilikech3ese took for us:

Pretty sick, huh?

Creative Revamp

For those of you who didn't see the announcement, we just completely remade Creative!  You now start off with 2 free 128x128 plots, instead of the previous 32x32 plot.  You also get access to basic worldedit commands without donating!  It just happened less than a day ago, and those of you that have played on it already love it. We've also made some other improvements -- including fixing plot merging!  

Those are all of the major updates we've made recently! As you all know, we make a LOT of updates to the network constantly -- you can find a full list of these updates on our weekly changelogs.

Thanks guys,

-- The NemeGaming Staff Team

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April Update!

[Owner] Gaurav1234 aOP posted May 1, 16

Hey guys!

As you all know, we work really hard to give you the best experience possible on NemeGaming, so I thought I'd show you guys some of the big things that we've been working on this last month or so to show you guys that we're not a bunch of lazy bums.

New Hub Spawn
New Hub Spawn
We got a lot of feedback from you guys that our old hub spawn wasn't that great - not only was there not much detail in it, but you also had to walk a long way to get to the server mobs.  In response to this, we hired a professional build team to hand-craft a new realistic hub spawn for us -- check it out in game or above!

1.8 PvP

1.8 PvP
After updating all of our servers to 1.9, we realized that not many of you guys liked the new PvP style. Because of this, we changed the PvP style on OP-Factions, OP-Prison, and Drugwars back to the old style -- the attack speed is the same as before, the notch apple effects are the same as those in 1.8, and you can now craft notch apples again!  All of these servers are still on 1.9 though, so you can still enjoy the new non-PvP related features.

Background Improvements
Background Improvements
Over the last few weeks, we've been making a lot of upgrades and improvements to our backend infrastructure. You may begin to notice lower login times, faster server response times, and a significantly lower amount of network drops (since our network upgrade, we have not experienced such a drop). 

We hope you all enjoy these updates, but don't worry - it doesn't stop here. We have a lot more cool and exciting updates coming out soon! Be sure to give us your feedback on these updates (or just about anything on the network in general) on our forums.

Thanks guys,
-- The Nemesis Gaming Staff Team

fealix2 Ya let's go!!! 1.8 pvp!!!!

EDIT: Until we update on March 12th, we have implemented support for 1.9 (you can log into the servers with 1.9, but the servers will still be on 1.8).  

Hey guys,

A lot of you have been asking about our plans for 1.9, so I thought I'd outline them here. But before we do that, let’s back up a bit.

You Minecraft veterans out there will remember the mass panic that the community was in when the adventure update (1.0) was released -- many people said it would "ruin the game" and "nobody would update or want to play the new update". That update, however, is what made Minecraft the huge game that it is today. This has happened on a smaller scale for pretty much every major update that Minecraft has released. As with every update, every server/network that wants to survive is going to have to update in order to survive and keep growing, it's just a matter of when they do so. Historically, the earlier that we’ve updated, the more successful we’ve been on that update.


1.9 is no different. It's not going to "ruin" PvP, it's just going to change it. PvP will now be more skill based, how/when you hit your opponent and how effectively you can use two weapons, instead of just how fast you can click. What will OP-Factions/Drugwars raiding be like in 1.9?  How much more interesting will KitPvP be with shields and more strategic attack patterns?


We will be updating all servers on the network to 1.9 on Saturday, March 12. Because of changes to the notch apple functionality and world generation (and many more reasons that I will get into in the individual posts for each server), we will also be resetting the servers below; click their names to see a forum post about what will be reset on that server.


We’ve already started (and will continue to) balance out all the kits on each server with the new update to make sure that everything is fair and interesting for everyone once we have updated.

We’ve spent a long time debating over whether or not we would update, so this decision is not being made on a whim. Although some of you may disagree with my decision, please understand that I only want what’s best for the network, and I believe that updating to 1.9 is necessary if we want to continue being awesome.


That’s it for now guys, thank you all for your continued support. <3

~ Gaurav

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[Owner] Gaurav1234 aOP posted Jan 13, 16

EDIT: We've added another reset to this list -- Drugwars!

Hey guys!

As many of you know, we are going to have some server resets this Saturday for OP-Factions, OP-Prison, and Skyblock!  We will also be resetting DrugWars on Sunday, January 17th.  The following are lists of what will be reset on each server:


  • All worlds (except donor world)
  • McMMO
  • Inventories & Enderchests
  • Private Vaults
  • Economy


  • Prison Ranks (NOT donor ranks)
  • Plotworld
  • McMMO
  • Inventories & Enderchests
  • Backpacks
  • Economy


  • Non-donor ranks (Unicorn, Skylord etc.)
  • Economy
  • Islands
  • McMMO


  • All worlds (except donor world)
  • McMMO
  • Inventories & Enderchests
  • Donor Vaults
  • Economy
  • Drug Ranks

We will never reset donor ranks.  If anyone purchased an OP-Item or any other such thing within a week of this reset it will be restored afterwards, otherwise it will be reset (For example: If someone purchased an OP Sword for Prison on Monday, they would get it back after the reset on Saturday because it was within a week of the reset).  If you have any questions or if you're unsure of whether something specific will be reset or not, leave a comment, and we'll answer it as soon as possible.  

Thanks guys! We love ya --

-- The NemeGaming Staff Team

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